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 Aquarian Physics furthers the physics of

Einstein, Buddha and JC

Aquarian Physics redefines

Gravity-Motion, Space-Time,

and so very much more!

Time = Motion = Gravity = Mass = Energy = Consciousness
T = V = G = M = E = C

Aquarian Physics LIVES!

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Parts of Einstein’s Special and General Relativity, as well as, Quantum Physics and Modern Physics, are corrected and furthered within Aquarian Physics! Classical and Modern Physics continues to serve humanity well, and remains valuable and useful. But neither Classical or Modern Physics, nor mathematics, are the ‘end all’ to the Physics of our universe and human life! Human life is far too unique and diverse in itself, to be contained within a restrictive equation that is insistent on 'everything' particles. Human life itself holds both the ‘hardwiring’ of Classical and Modern Physics; and, the ‘non-hardwiring’ found within the many Entanglements and "spooky actions at a distance" of Modern Physics; which themselves are, now furthered and corrected within Aquarian Physics. These are Entanglements and '"spooky actions" which are likewise found in many other teachings, as well as, within our natural common everyday human experience! Modern Physics, including both Relativistic and Quantum Physics, demonstrates scientifically that there are ‘real’ things within our universe and human life; which have been empirically proven, in scientifically repeatable, experimentally “extraordinary” ‘ways’, to not fit the 'to-date' Laws of either Classical or Modern Physics! ‘Ways’ that instead include unexplainable spooky, strange, slippery or Illusionary forms and behaviors; as well as, including the fact that Time equals Motion equals Gravity! Aquarian Physics simply explains Time, Motion and Gravity, as well as, the 'Illusionary' forms and behaviors, which can not be defined within any Classical or Modern mechanical, hardwiring or particle alone, model of Physics! Life and pure-true Human Physics is more Simple than this! ‘Ways’ that can only be most accurately and most simply explained within the addition of the ‘newest’ understandings and truths, presented within Aquarian Physics!

At first instant, Aquarian Physics recognizes that the well proven instant emission properties of light photons, result in absolutely no time passing (infinite Time Dilation), during the instant of photon emission! No time passage means that the measuring device need not contract! No time passage is also known to be a 'speed', faster than that of light-speed. Einstein and others have claimed light-speed to be the maximum possible velocity of travel; as well as, claiming that light speed equates to 'instant emission'. Thus within this, it has been claimed that light photons are both emitted and received within one single instant (infinite Time Dilation). Light is emitted, by Quantum processes, instantly; but, light-speed itself falls short of 'instant-speed' or Instant Travel. Light photons do not 'see all' and 'know all', as has been claimed within some busy Physics models; because, they do not travel at the velocity or 'speed' of Instant Travel. Thus, photons do not experience 'all Time' at once, and there is no Time Travel possible! The fact that light-speed is less-than Instant Travel, is proven by the simple known time it takes light to travel through space. The light ray or light wave medium might be continuous, once established; but, the individual Quantum light photon travels at a constant speed, which itself is again less-than Instant Travel. Additionally, the Simple 'medium' that light waves travel within, is simply light! Within these Simple recognitions and others, Aquarian Physics greatly simplifies, corrects and expands Modern Physics, while giving the all of Physics a much greater Human base to stand upon!

The measuring device need not Length Contraction, nor Mass Expansion, so as to allow for light-speed to be always measured as constant; as, Einstein and many others have inaccurately claimed, within the very complicated Special Relativity! With the known instant emission of light photons, the speed of the measured light photons would never change. Light-speed would never change with the Motion of the emitter or receiver, simply because instant is 'instant'! Instant Travel itself is also simply recognized to be the true maximum number Einstein was 'reaching for'; that is, when he theorized light-speed to be the maximum speed limit, wherein 'infinite' Time Dilation would occur. Within Einstein's quite complicated and busy Special and General Relativity, at light-speed Time Dilation becomes 'impossibly infinite', along with the inaccuracies of Mass Expansion and Length Contraction! But at the true and Simple maximum 'speed' of Instant Travel, Aquarian Physics measures the infinite Time Dilation numbers to be now both possible and factual! These maximum numbers becoming infinite at the 'speed' of Instant Travel, is recognized within Aquarian Physics as the exact reason why, Personal Time actually Dilates within faster relative Motions. With faster relative Motions, Time is proven to factually Dilate or lengthen. And Time Dilates simply because, at the maximum 'speed' of Instant Travel, Time Dilation must become effectively infinite (no time passing)! Thus and again, no effective Time passes with Instant Travel, and the infinite Time Dilation numbers are truly, and factually, infinite! No Mass Expansion or Length Contraction is needed or possible, as Aquarian Physics' Simple Relativity simply demonstrates!

Aquarian Physics simply, accurately and factually defines Time itself exactly! Our Earth’s position within the velocities or Motions of our ever moving and expanding universe, are in-themselves exactly what determines the rate of the constant forward progression, or Dilation, of Time ‘itself’! Einstein determined that Personal Relative Motions of faster accelerated relativistic speeds, Dilated Personal Time. Aquarian Physics furthers this understanding by simply recognizing that, the speed of all the Motions within Earth's region of space, is what determines how quickly Time itself progresses forward, here on Earth! Time Dilation in itself means that the Timing of processes take longer to occur; or in other-words, the 'life' processes are Dilated. What this exactly means is that, if Earth was in an area of the universe which was moving or expanding faster in Motion or velocity; then, our Earth Time, or processes, would progress forward at a more Dilated, or slower, longer rate. If Earth was in an area of the universe which was moving and expanding slower in Motion; then, our life processes on Earth would progress forward at a more 'contracted', or faster, shorter rate. Therefore our human life processes and all other processes, progress forward in Time as they do on Earth, because we are situated within the Motions that we exist within! Time is Equivalent to Motion! Thus, our overall Motion is Equivalent to our 'overall', or Universal, Earth Time; whereas, Personal Relative Motions are Equivalent to Personal Relative Time, or most simply 'Timing'. Therefore one’s Personal Time or Timing, also still Dilates with faster Personal Relative Motions or velocities, as defined and described within Einstein's Special Relativity. Time Dilation lives in Special and Simple Relativity; but within Simple Relativity, 'before', 'after' and 'simultaneous' are returned as valid universal perspectives! Einstein's Special Relativity took away the 'privileged observer' and universal time; thus, creating a very complicated existence wherein the claim of almost any time is possible, and no time is accurate to all and one! This effectively removed 'before', 'after' and 'simultaneous'. Aquarian Physics truthfully returns the 'privileged observer', whereby Simple universal time is universally recognized, and simplified within Simple Relativity! T=V=G=M=E=C!

With Motion being proven to cause the Time Dilation of all processes, when the universe's lifetime is measured from the 'inside' where Earth and humanity exists, there simply is truly ALWAYS MORE! There is ALWAYS MORE as the universe is simply always growing in both energy and size. When measured from Earth or anywhere else within our universe; and, within the simple understanding of increased Time Dilation with faster universal expansion; then our universe to US-ALL, will always be eternal and forever; and thus again, ALWAYS MORE! Within Human Physics as the universe expands faster, humanity will also have our Time Dilated; or in other words, we will have our processes slowed-down. Faster expansion is thus the Simple and pure-true 'road' to eternal-forever! Time within the universe is static and effectively unchanging, as possibly measured by humanity. Time is static because as the universe expands faster and faster, time itself dilates longer and longer; and thus, all is equal, and the universe is internally timed as existing forever! T=V=G=M=E=C equals Maintaining Self, everlasting, ALWAYS MORE!

Aquarian Physics thus must also recognize that Space-Time Curvature, as theorized by Einstein, is not true! Within theorized Space-Time Curvature, all manmade mechanics and natural process on Earth must become a very complicated and busy place! They must become very complicated and busy because, within Einstein's Special and General Relativity, everything must Length Contract with every degree of changed linear direction of travel, within Earth's ever rotating, orbiting, spiraling, expanding Motions, within our universe! Then add the Mass Expansion claim, and this creates an impossibly complicated and totally unproven model. This creates a model which requires every rotating gear or other part of any and all mechanical devices, living creatures, molecules and atoms, to Length Contract and Mass Expand with every slight rotation or direction change. Aquarian Physics recognizes a simpler way, within 'Simple Relativity'!

Within Aquarian Physics things which are humanly known to 'flow', simply do 'flow' together as emergent continuums; and, not all is mechanical and particle mediated. Motion is known to flow and change, as Gravity is also known to flow and change. Time also is likewise known to flow and change, along with Motion and Gravity. Conscious Energy also flows Entangled in-between everything! Bell's Theorem proves Entanglement lives; and, Aquarian Physics names Entanglement Consciously, by scientifically repeatable measurement methods! But these are most Simple human known truths, within the 'new' of Aquarian Physics. And they are simply demonstrative of the ever-flowing non-hardwiring "spooky" parts of Human Physics, which accompany the easily recognizable and more constant hardwiring or particle parts, of the Physics of our universe. Time Dilates as Motion or velocity Dilates or increases, and that's all! It is that Simple; That Is All! Trust But Verify! Within the Aquarian understanding of instant light photon emission, no contracting measuring devices, nor Length Contraction or Mass Expansion need apply; because, Simple Relativity explanations are now available, and most 'simply relevant'! Length and Mass are the relative constants, for all is not elastics. And, it is Motion and Time which Dilates and Contracts, or flows, with one another as a continuum; and, they do so along with Energy and Consciousness! This is what experiments simply show, when Simple 'new open-mindedness' is allowed its' pure-truth! It is Simple, don't take my word for it. Trust But Verify! Time=Motion=Gravity=Mass=Energy=Consciousness! T=V=G=M=E=C!

Mass Expansion and Length Contraction are 'simply' not proven experimentally! There are experimental proofs of magnetic frequency or other Timing-Energy contractions; but, there are no experimental proofs of any actual physical Length Contractions of matter, aligned with Relativistic Motions or velocities! The flattening of a subatomic particle at relativistic speeds is not proof of Length Contraction or Mass Expansion! There are clear examples of more energy being required to externally make subatomic particles move faster in experimentations; but, this 'simply' does not prove any actual physical Mass Expansion. The greater external magnetic energy, which is required to cause subatomic particles to move relativisticly faster and faster within a particle accelerator, absolutely does not prove any actual physical mass or gravitational weight expansion. Being able to move an object or particle faster and faster by the action of an external force of thrust; within itself, does not hold any of the same potential to create increased velocity of the object or particle! That is, as compared to the increased thrust of velocity created by an internal, part of the object or particle, engine's push or thrust! But again, this is simply not Mass Expansion; and, You Know That! The truth of this is humanly known by how easy it is to push a merry-go-round when it is moving slow; but then, soon after a maximum velocity is reached, you can simply not push it any faster. This is truth because, the merry-go-round is then moving relatively much faster than you. But then instead, if you attach jet engine to the actual merry-go-round itself, then that 'babe' will spin much faster than otherwise is possible by an external power source! It is a Simple matter of loosing the ability to efficiently and effectively 'grab' the merry-go-round to add thrust, whenever the power source is external to the moving object or particle! The Simple fact is that, whenever you can easily 'grab-hold' of an object or particle, then you can easily make it move faster. But once the object or particle is moving fast enough, relative to the stationary external energy source; then, it is simply too hard to 'grab-hold' of it, so as to add any significant thrust. The Simple particle acceleration problem is in the difficulty in 'grabbing' a fast moving particle or object to push it faster, when you are relativity stationary. It is like trying to swat the particle with a fly-swatter as it speeds by; which then, while it is being moved faster and faster, simply produces less and less added thrust to the particle in Motion. The problem is not that the object or particle is actually gaining any physical mass or gravitational weight; and, there simply is no experimental proof of any actual Mass Expansion or Length Contraction occurring within Physics; but, You Know That!

Also black holes, as well as, the claimed 'inflation' period after the Big Bang, both prove General Relativity lacking. During the theorized inflation period, all is understood to have expanded at a velocity above that of light speed. Einstein's Equivalency Principle demonstrates that Gravity is equal in force, to accelerated velocity or Motion. Black holes are understood to gravitationally pull-in everything at a force, which is at least Equivalent to that of light speed. Therefore within the claims of Special and General Relativity, if during the inflation period, as well as, within each know black hole, if even a single Quantum particle of mass ever reached light speed (or its equivalent in Gravity); then, that single particle would have Mass Expanded to infinite. Infinite Mass Expansion, if it ever truly occurred, would cause the entire universe to be gravitationally attracted to that one particle-point of singularity; that is, if General Relativity is true! Our universe is much more than a point of singularity! Also, if all substance during the inflation period ever Length Contracted to zero, then the universe's expanding inflation would have then instantly stopped entirely; and thus again, our universe would be much different than it is proven to exist as!

All coordinate systems, or reference frames or 'space', must be equally a part of the whole! But, 'You Know That'! Einstein's inaccurate claims of Mass Expansion and Length Contraction, along with the inaccurately applied and truly impossibly infinite Time Dilation numbers, at only the speed of light; thus, caused Einstein to wrongly claim Light Speed to be the maximum speed limit possible. Natural phenomena like photons may be limited to the maximum of Light Speed, under their own power; but, human technology has already surpassed all other natural speed limits. Humans have surpassed all other natural speed limits, simply by attaching engines to machines! Additionally, Aquarian Physics recognizes simply that all velocities within the vacuum of space, instantly become ‘Rest Motions’, as Newtonian Physics mandates! Thus, more thrust will always cause more velocity, up to the simply accurate Aquarian maximum 'speed' of Instant Travel! A Gravity Machine also ‘holds in return’ its’ own Rest Motion! Therefore, within Aquarian Physics, and within the Simple expanded understandings of the Force of Motion, and including Motion Gravity, there is ‘held in return’ ALWAYS MORE!

It is the Gravity of Motion, and not the Gravity of Dark Matter, nor vacuum energy, which holds the universe together! There is no need for complicated calculations of some theorized Dark Matter to bend the Space-Time back onto itself, so as to satisfy the Field Equations of General Relativity! The universe within Motion's gravitationally Equivalent, hold both a finite and thus closed existence; and yet also, an open and forever expansion, faster and faster, ALWAYS MORE, possible future existence!

Gravity within Aquarian simplifications is Equivalent to a reverse centrifugal force! The Gravitational Lensing seen only at the edge of the fully eclipsed sun, simply occurs mostly by Mass Gravity, as a highly localized, 'near-reaching', Quantum process; and thus, simply occurs without much of the 'far-reach' of Motion Gravity! There is no need to search for Dark Matter; because, most of the Gravity within our universe is created by the 'far-reach' of Motion! It is mostly Simple Motion, which holds the universe within its' observed form and behavior, or gravitational 'flow' and lensing! The Gravitational Lensing which is observed throughout our universe is most all, simply caused only by Motion; and so also, within Aquarian corrections and furtherings, no Dark Matter need apply! Even within the understandings of the accelerating expansion of our universe and galaxies; and, even without accepting that all Motion is Equivalent to Gravity, our universe's accelerating Motion velocities must be recognized and accepted as being Equivalent to Gravity of an equal force, as theorized within Einstein's General Relativity. Gravitational Lensing is caused mostly by the Force of Motion, and no space-time curvatures need apply! It is quite simple, if the space or the reference frame ‘itself’ is curved or contracted; then simply, the Laws of Physics must be invalid! But, 'You Know That'! Again, the flow of Time simply Dilates as the flow of Motion simply Dilates or speeds up; and, That Is All! No Mass Expansion or Length Contraction need apply; and, the known force mediating particles have only limited application; but 'You Know That'!

Aquarian Physics names Motion Gravity, as well as, naming Mass Gravity. Mass Gravity is understood to mostly be as Newton and Einstein theorized; that is, without Einstein's theorized Space-Time curvature, and with simple, common limited reach. Motion Gravity is created by Motion and size alone! Motion Gravity can be recognized as being effectively the simple 'flow of motion'; as well as, being the Equivalent to a 'reversed centrifugal force'. This new Simple discovery of Motion Gravity is scientifically proven, and easily observed throughout our universe and human world. Simple wheels, gyroscopes and even Frisbees demonstrate the beginnings of Motion's reverse centrifugal, or 'centering', force. A force which is known within Aquarian Physics as effectively the precursors to Gravity! The discovery of Motion Gravity within-itself allows human beings the very likely probability of creating a Gravity Machine; and in truth, the 'patents pending' are currently held by the author and discoverer of Aquarian Physics. Aquarian Physics also simply notes Gravity's non-universal reach; and while, 'simply' also noting Motion's everywhere and forever reach, as a universal ALWAYS MORE!

The Standard Model of Particle Physics searches for the 'hardwired' particle for Gravity, and has even already named it as the 'Graviton'. But life need not be so complicated and restrictive; for, the Graviton like the Higgs boson are both mind restrictive Illusions, locked into a Cartesian mechanical model of everything! This is like trying to fit the whole of Bohm's Implicit Order into the Higgs Field. Life is more consciously beautiful and open-minded than such a linear, particle mandated, model allows! It has been proven that 'accelerated Motion' is Equivalent to Gravity of an equal force, just as Einstein's Special Relativity theorized. Aquarian Physics, within its' 'Simple Relativity', simply furthers this Equivalency Principle to now state that, all Motion is Equivalent to Gravity of an equal force! Thus, even uniform Motion is Equivalent to Gravity; but within Human Physics, 'You Know That'! If you step from a uniform moving car, you will feel a Force of Motion, which is Equivalent to that of a Force of Gravity. If you jump-up within a uniform moving elevator, you again will immediately humanly feel the Equivalent Force of the Gravity of your Motion, even without any acceleration! Try dropping a watermelon so the Force of Gravity alone powers its' decent; and, compare its' splatter to that of a watermelon thrown from a vehicle at the uniform speed of freefall! Gravity equals Motion, as Motion equals Gravity!

We know of no Motion particle, nor a particle for Motion's Equivalent of Time; and therefore, there is also no particle for Motion and Time's Equivalent of Gravity! Gravity is Motion, as Motion is Gravity; and, both are a part of Time and Timing! Uniform Motion being Equivalent to Gravity is also well known within its' Equivalent Red Shift affects. Red Shifts caused by Gravity, can be countered by an Equivalent Force of uniform Motion. In addition to the Timing of Red or Blue Shifts within spectrographic analysis being affected by Motion, Time itself is again simply a part of Motion! Thus, Motion itself is also recognized to be Time! It is that Simple! T=V=G=M=E=C!

Also, we do not need a Cosmological Constant, because we got Simple Motion! Also and again, there is no Higgs Boson or God Particle, nor a Gravity or Motion particle, nor a particle for Consciousness, nor Quantum Entanglement; but, 'You Simply Know That' too! "Spooky action at a distance" is proven within Quantum Physics; but, it is also furthered, and more accurately and more simply explained, within Aquarian Physics! Trust But Verify! The Cosmological Constant of Vacuum Energy is 'simply' Motion, 'itself'! Seek no further! As for Gravitational Lensing, no Dark Matter need apply! And again, there simply are absolutely no Quantum particles for Motion, Gravity, Time, Consciousness or God; because, Human Physics is more-than just the hardwiring, alone! But again, 'You Know That'!

The theorized Higgs Field, or vacuum field, is claimed to be everywhere-always, unable to be removed; and yet most simply, only Motion, Time and Consciousness hold such non-removable constancy. The Higgs Field is claimed to cause or allow particles of mass to move slower than the speed of light; but, there is no experimental proof of this theory! Within this, the Higgs Field is theorized to act almost like water within Human Physics, governing or slowing the speed of particles; and thus according to the theory, allowing the creation of mass. The Higgs Field in a way is almost a rehashing of the 'luminiferous aether wind', itself disproved as had been claimed, by the 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment. Why does there have to be this complicated mathematically created field to slow down mass, to counter and balance the claims of General Relativity. The theorized Higgs Field is a very complicated force field which first must add immense energy to every cubic centimeter of vacuum; and then, also remove most of this added energy, to balance General Relativity within scientific observations! What a difficult mess; and next thing, everybody will be searching for some Dark Matter, so as also to align General Relativity with scientific observations. The Cosmological Constant according to Einstein was his "greatest mistake"; and, continuing it, simply continues it!

A more Simple Aquarian understanding would have some things within our universe, being simply and naturally different. And along with this, some things within nature move at different maximum velocities of Motion; that is, without the addition of manmade thrust! Supersymmetry works great on two-dimensional paper; but, not within the 'all' of three-dimensional Human Physics! When Quantum Motion occurs there are always included free-random actions. Therefore just after the Big Bang, random-free Interchange-Reactions naturally occurred; thus causing, some particles to change their velocity and the direction of their travel. This in-itself then caused more Interchange-Reactions and velocity changes. All of this then allowed the Simple and natural formation of mass! Additionally when Quantum particles mass together, they simply become new 'thing-SELFS', or new systems; and from a cosmological perspective, there is included the ALWAYS MORE Force of Motion, everywhere! This is the same as other known emergent properties; such as, how hydrogen and oxygen become the flow of water. Within the newly formed emergent properties, the new system's form and behavior, and including their velocities of Motion, are simply changed. Human Physics and life are not so complicated to require a Cosmological Constant or Higgs Field to make the numbers true; and thus, diversity is allowed its' simple course. Things within our universe-god are most simply different on their own, as Quantum randomness and Human Freedom absolutely proves! The universe does not need a very complicated and finitely balanced Higgs Field, to both speed-up and slow-down the expansion of our universe, nor to slow-down quarks and leptons. This is truth because Mass Gravity and Motion Gravity, as well as, the natural Interchange-Reactions of the Force of Motion, would both enact particle creation; in addition, to changes in the velocity and 'flow' of all of the involved particles in Motion! Thus these would then change the structural diversity, or form and behavior, of the universe's substance, from inflationary symmetry, to 'present day' material mass in Motion.

General Relativity says that if you have vacuum energy, then the universe's expansion will continue to increase exponentially; because of, the canceling affects which the vacuum energy has on the inaccurately theorized 'universal-reaching' Gravity of Mass. The intense amount of energy which is known to be held within even a cubic centimeter of the vacuum within 'empty' space, when calculated into General Relativity, would have the universe's expansion be, far more than it has; and thus, something is simply amiss! To mathematically balance this, the claim of 'negative energy' was theorized, within the understood 'positive' expansion driving, vacuum energy of the universe. Thus the 'canceling' claims of the Cosmological Constant or the Higgs Field are very precise, and thus complicated; and, without any known proof or mechanism of action! On 'two-dimensional' paper, this may look beautiful; but within Human Physics, these theories are just not Simple!

Just like there could have never been 'nothing' as our universe itself, because there is something now; there also, could never have been perfect symmetry, if there is individual diversity and free randomness now! The truth of symmetry and life existing both together as one universe is that, there is both the Maintaining Self of symmetry, and the randomness of individual Quantum phenomenon, within all. Our universe is in perfect symmetry or balance; although, it is also in an exponentially expanding eternal symmetry of ALWAYS MORE! Life exists most basically within an underlining, most fundamental or basic 'implicit' form of Freewill Choice, on a human scale; or, simply Freedom or Quantum randomness, otherwise! Therefore within this Simple, random, free base, itself coupled with Human Love (or Maintaining Self, or even simply 'symmetry'), both symmetry and diversity, or life as we know it, exists and thrives! Motion again explains the fact that matter of mass exists, as we experience and observe it to be. This is because the Force of Motion within Quantum randomness, again causes particles to feedback upon each other; and thus, to create an ever-expanding, exponentially growing 'feedback frenzy' of both increasing velocity and increasing Energy or matter! Now that is what I Simply call pure-true vacuum point energy, 'babe'! This occurs because particles in Motion within space's vacuum cause the creation of more particles of mass and Motion; which thus, itself eternally creates ALWAYS MORE! Also the vacuum energy contributes to the known and observed mass-energy component, by the simple addition of ALWAYS MORE kinetic Motion, or increasing expansion velocities. Motion or velocity within the vacuum of space is the 'Quantum Field' responsible for our universe's forever increasing expansion and growth, as well as, its' Maintaining Self nature! The laws of the Conversation of Energy apply to known closed systems, like steam engines and many others; but, they are in no way scientifically proven to be mandated upon our universe as a whole!

We also do not need complicated systems of identical 'string loops' vibrating differently, to explain why things are different. Things within our universe are simply different in form and behavior; from singular to many systems; and, from particle and hardwired, to wave and non-hardwired! Science must now simply accept that some things within our universe are non-hardwired, non-particle mediated, as is well known and proven within Human Physics and experience! Because then, the known truth of our universe's variety, difference and Quantum randomness, becomes Simple Human Physics! But more importantly and scientifically, we know things within our universe exist within different forms and behaviors; and, there is no proof otherwise! Supersymmetry sounds very 'super' and 'symmetrical' or beautifully balanced, like a math equation. But in Simple truth, it is a complicated 'muck' to fill the known scientific experiential 'gap'; so as to, prove Superstring Theory, within the restrictions of Einstein's Relativity! There simply is the hardwiring and the non-hardwiring, within Human Physics! You know and experience Motion, Conscious Thought, Time, and Gravity; and, none have associated particles; and, You Know That!

With Superstring Theory, the very complicated arrangement of theorized string loops are claimed to be so small as to never be able to be Classically measured. Also the ten dimension claim which is required to facilitate String Theory, itself is a very complicated and entirely unproven claim. Curling six dimensions up into an unseen reality is again simply a very complicated explanation of empty space; and it is a 'fill the gap muck', which excludes the Simple and universal dominance, by which the Force of Motion creates Gravity and Energy, and even Time itself! No ability to Trust, nor Verify! Now most simply, the Force of Motion itself is Equivalent to that needed universal, everywhere, ALWAYS MORE energy source; which is, constantly driving our universe's growing form and behavior! Furthermore, the vacuum energy of Motion does change with Time and Motion, as our universe's expansion is simply universal expansion!

The single greatest limitation of Quantum Physics in furthering itself, is its’ over-reliance on the ‘language’ of mathematics, as well as, its’ search for everything to be caused by a particle. This over-reliance creates Classical and Modern limitations, and Simple error! Within Human Physics and experience, it is known beyond any doubt that there are Forces within our human universe and reality that are not particle related; yet, which still are known to affect humans and humanity! Additionally, mathematics simply does not always compute to every human Conscious 'whim' and life experience. Classical and Modern Physics, great as they have been, have both also limited US-ALL from some possible further discoveries, simply by their over reliance on math, particles, and absolutely ‘no god allowed’! All Physics is Human Physics to US-ALL, because we are all simply human.

Quantum Physics recognizes specific discrete ‘force carrier particles’ associated with three of the four known Forces; and, they are all classified as bosons. Electromagnetism has the photon; the Strong Nuclear Force has the gluon; and, the Weak Nuclear Force has W and Z bosons. But these Forces are all quite different things than Consciousness, Time or Motion; as well as, being different to Motion's equivalent of Gravity! Quantum Physics has searched unsuccessfully for a Gravity particle, and yet, Aquarian Physics recognizes that the overall ‘material-spiritual-motion’ continuum nature of our universe includes both the hardwired or particle parts, and the non-hardwired or wave parts. Gravity again is simply Motion's equivalent; and, neither is mediated by a Force Particle! Aquarian Physics recognizes much truth within the Standard Model of Particle Physics, because the hardwired particle parts do exist! But Aquarian Physics also recognizes that there is also more, within proven Human Physics!

The most famous Quantum ‘wave’ itself, within Aquarian Physics, is more accurately understood as an ‘oscillation’ or 'vibration', in form and behavior. A wave in known to ‘wave’ side to side, or up and down, relative to its’ linear direction of travel; whereas, an oscillation more simply ‘oscillates’. Thus an oscillation or vibration is less defined or restricted in our Conscious understanding of it. Additionally as photons travel at light-speed, they are known by Relativistic Timing Dilation to have their ‘life-process’ Relatively slowed down or Dilated! Thus, to humans the photons move very, very fast through single or double-slit experimental set-ups. But to the photon ‘itself’, it passes through our double-slit devices, at a relative ‘snail’s pace’! This relative snail’s pace allows the photon to potentially oscillate forward and backward, in linear direction of travel, as it passes through the double-slits! Therefore, the photon to humans simply appears to go through the double-slits within only one ‘flash of an instant’. But, to the photon that is slowed by Relativistic Timing Dilation, there is plenty of time to go through one slit or both slits; and then, to oscillate backwards in space (not Time, because all Motion is Motion) through one or both slits; and then, to again oscillate forward in space; thus, resulting in the creation of its’ own, ‘SELF created’ and experimentally observed, wave interference pattern! These ‘waves’, again by simple Aquarian terms would be better known as oscillations or vibrations! Also there still is universal Entanglement, as Bell's Theorem and the Force of Consciousness are both well proven within Modern and Aquarian Physics!

Chaos within all, indicates the most prime foundation within our Maintaining Self universe-god. That most prime foundation is simple random freedom; or within Human Physics, it is most simply known as the Force of Freewill Choice! Human Freewill Choice or Quantum random-chaos in itself, simply allows for more ‘new’ to occur within our universe. Freewill Choice is humanly known to not always produce actions which are good or healthy or strengthening; and yet, within the Conscious influx of “Heart Centered Love”, the betterment of creating more good-healthy-strong possibilities, logarithmically ‘skyrockets’! It is within the absolute truth of Freewill Choice, which allows human Consciousness to more freely consider ALWAYS MORE; so as perhaps, even-more and even-greater ‘new’ can arise, for the betterment of ALL! Chaos Theory demonstrates in many ways that Modern Physics remains limited and limiting; because, it too often follows a more particle-mechanistic, Cartesian and linear style of scientific theory, study, measurement and interpretation. And this is pure-truth, despite Modern Physic's great reaches into accepting the chaotic and random, intuitive ‘new’! Chaos Theory is closely aligned with the scientific-field of Nonlinear Dynamics, which is essentially the study of Chaos, through the use of Nonlinear Dynamical studies or ‘Attractor Fields’. Nonlinear Dynamics and Attractor Fields together provides a foundation for the Aquarian Physics explanations of natural phenomena, like Classical Cartesian, Newtonian or Linear Science can not begin to! Nonlinear Dynamics within Aquarian furtherings even provides a viable and useful reference frame, for the scientific study of some ‘strange’ or "spooky" phenomena. Thus, what has been previously thought of as only Illusionary chaotic data, is now through Simple Aquarian furtherings, being seen clearly for the truth it 'holds in return’!

String Theory says that all physical matter actually exist as only interactions between waves or strings. Human beings 'hold' both the Conscious, 'non-physicalized', non-hardwiring, non-particle parts, held universally within our universe’s whole Quantum and Aquarian field or wave. But also, human beings 'hold' the ‘physicalized’ hardwiring, particle parts, too! Thus, human beings and all matter are simply both wave-fields, as well as point-particles; and, all is Entanglement! Also within many String Theory interpretations, all within the universe exists by a complicated mechanism of human observation or measurement. This claim inaccurately states that nothing exists in the past or present, until it is observed. Then once someone observes it, this observation is then claimed to retroactively cause all to exist from the past to the present. This idea in itself is simply limiting error! This is unscientific error, simply because each thing-SELF within our universe is its’ own thing-SELF, and so observes itself exist. Additionally, Time, and thus all physical events, only flows in forward Motion; as, all Motion is Motion! The 'arrow of Time' is an 'arrow of Motion'! All Time Delay or Time Reversal experimental claims are false; because within each case, the Simple Entangled Consciousness Force, simply explains the measured results!

Within Holographic Universe Theories, I find many Aquarian correlations. I find the observer clearly affects the view, and thus the outcome, of what is observed; although, never retroactively in time! And thus, this is similar to how a hologram works. Yet, I understand that Holographic Universe Theories claim that each 'quan' or part of the universe contains the ‘ALL’; and, this is simply not the truth within Human Physics! The individual ‘one’ SELF is fully part of the ‘ALL’; but, the all of the ‘ALL’ and every 'other' individual SELF, is not fully part the individual 'one' SELF. Universal Entanglement is universal Entanglement; but, the individual self is still the individual self, also! Additionally, the enfolded, 'implicit order' of our universe and reality is not one of “control”; but most basically, one of simply Maintaining Self, smothered in Conscious Freewill Choice, and basted in ever-flowing and ‘blessedly chaotic’ Motion and Interchange-Reaction! Bohm’s “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” has distinct correlations, and some Maintaining Self aspects, aligning with the Aquarian view of our universe. But as with other theories, it holds no strength of Muscle, nor truth of Motion, nor Conscious pure-truth clarity, nor even a true ‘unification of all’; and finally, also no clarification of the hardwiring and the non-hardwiring parts! Aquarian Physics most simply defines and delineates the truly-claimed Implicit Order, which Bohm theorized; and, does so within the introduced Five Most Fundamental Forces of: Marinating Self, Motion, Interchange-Reaction, Freewill Choice and Consciousness!

Aquarian Physics provides the most basic and furthest reduced explanations of our Human Physics to-date, taking our universe to its’ most basic and fundamental levels. Levels that are the foundations of our 'very' Human world, as well as, our ‘very’ Human Consciousness itself! Aquarian Physics ‘smoothes’ over the ‘grainy’ steps between Quantum and Relativistic Physics, and furthers and corrects both! Aquarian Physics brings unification or ‘Indivisibility’ to both, within the Simple understandings of the hardwiring and non-hardwiring parts of Human Physics. Aquarian Human Physics provides the immensely needed clarifications of the human perspective, to all Physics!

Aquarian Physics recognizes, names and defines the most-basic Five Most Fundamental Forces, or 'functions', of our universe-god. Forces or function which themselves are the foundations for, and thus account for, all the other previously recognized Forces named within Classical and Modern Physics, and including all that we know within our universe and reality! These Five Forces or functions are the 'wholeness' of our universes 'implicit order'! These most Simple, recognized and defined Five Most Fundamental Forces or functions are understood to be the most fundamental and most simple basis, under which our universe-god operates; and thus exists as, in form and behavior! These Five Most Fundamental Forces are ‘so to say’, the underlining ‘blueprint’ of our universe; and as such, their reach is omnipresent, as are also their effects and known presence, or ‘universal image’! The Five Most Fundamental Forces or functions of our universe-god are again, that of the Forces of Maintaining Self, Interchange-Reaction, Motion, Freewill Choice and Consciousness. These named Forces are again the "Implicit Order", within Simple Aquarian definitions! The other previously known and named forces of Electromagnetism, Strong and Weak Nuclear and Gravity, all function and exist within this 'new', Aquarian defined most Simple base!

The Force of Freewill Choice comes first and foremost within our universe-god; because, Freewill Choice exists within all pure-true strong-healthy SELFs; as well as, within the known randomness of the Quantum world! Freedom is most inherent and most natural, within the most basic ‘greatest-greatness’ of our Greatest Conscious universe! Of these Five Most Fundamental Forces, Consciousness is the ‘Creationary Force’; as defined by, the ability of the Force of Consciousness to manifest or create, ‘something’ from that which was considered ‘nothing’ before! Or at-least 'something' that was considered ‘nothing’, before Quantum Physics, Chaos Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics, and now the 'newest new' of Aquarian Physics. The remaining three Forces of our universe-god are then understood to be the Most Fundamental Natural Working Forces of our universe, as defined by Aquarian Physics. The remaining three Aquarian Forces include, first, the Force of Maintaining Self. Maintaining Self 'speaks' to the truth of self-organizing criticality, being how life and all exists within our universe! The Interchange-Reaction Force is self-explanatory, and most simply means that 'all is change', within a Maintaining Self base! Then lastly, and definitely not leastly, the Force of Motion provides both the Maintaining Self Gravity for most of our universe; and, the Time base for all; but also, Motion equates to ALWAYS MORE Energy, everywhere!

This all itself is universally also Consciously furthered by Freely allowed “Heart Centered Love”; which in-itself, is essentially the positive, strengthening, healthy Energy of Human SELF-LIFE! “Heart Centered Love” is in fact the ‘human equivalency’ to Maintaining Self; because Love from a human standpoint, is known to further the Maintaining of Self, over the test of time! Therefore from a human perspective, Love or Maintaining Self is truly ‘What Makes the World Go Round’! For what is pure-true LOVE within Human Physics, but the Maintaining of SELF and ALL! And what is our spinning, orbiting Earth within Human Physics, but the Maintaining of SELF and thus US-ALL! Illusion is named as weakness, and Truth is known as strength; and, Love Makes The World Go Round!

Time within its’ constant and absolute universal forward progression, as well as, Timing as it relates to Energy, within all Energy’s forms and processes; are also, necessary parts of our universe-god’s existence or ‘being’; and yet, Time and Timing within-themselves are not considered Aquarian Forces, like the ‘Five’! Time is again simply the constant forward direction of our universe-god’s ‘universal lifetime’, as Dilated or Contracted in process, by the Forces of Motion! Also, just because a math formula requires no Time direction, and can be mathematically reversed or 'flipped', does not mean the same thing may occur within any pure-true Human Physics! Timing in-itself is always localized and related to local Motion; and, let's just say the ‘language’ of Energy or processes!

Our universe must exist as a Maintaining Self universe, within its' Most Fundamental nature or fate, simply because we exist. A Non-Maintaining Self universe, would simply ‘Non-Maintain itself’; and thus, instantly or soon enough become only non-existent! The Interchange-Reaction Force is essential for our universe to be anything more than a stagnant ‘blob’, or ‘blot’, or ‘point of singularity’ for that matter. The Interchange-Reaction Force is required, in order for our universe and everything within it to interact and interconnect; and thus, to grow and expand in Time, Motion, Gravity, Mass, Energy, Consciousness or overall size! The Interchange-Reaction Force is simply known to occur, both with and without particle mediation; but, You Know That! The Force of Motion is our universe’s ‘facilitator’; and, along with the Interchange Reaction, they together both mandate our universe to be more-than only a ‘blob’ or ‘blot’! It is through both the hardwired and non-hardwired Motions, that the Interchange-Reaction, as well as, Consciousness and Freewill Choice, do their good work. Consciousness is the sole independent ‘Creationary Force’ of our universe, and all within it! Elemental particles may collide, they may mass together, they may combine to form new compounds within there ever-ongoing ‘dance’ of annihilation and creation; but, unless Consciousness itself can be proven to be compounded out of elemental particles, it is only Consciousness that manifests or has the power of ‘creation’! That is, Conscious creation occurs by the Force of Consciousness acting within our universe, above or beyond that of free-randomness! Freewill Choice is thus the blessed facilitator of 'new', in the form of ‘new-growth’ and ‘new-ideas’; themselves, just ‘sprouting-up’ within all of our universe’s Conscious ‘children’ or beings! Freewill Choice, along with Mind Centered Illusion or falsehood, allows humans and humanity to learn from their mistakes; because, without freedom there is no pure-true human growth or betterment! For our universe-god, creating more Free-living SELFs simply 'holds in return' increased spontaneous possibility, for much more betterment to be possibly discovered by each and every SELF; and thus, by the ONE and ALL of SELFs; or therefore, by our universe-god it SELF! To know pure-true SELF is to know pure-true universe-god within SELF; which within this then, is to also know why you exist as SELF, too!

On a human scale, and for personal or group human achievement, Aquarian Physics provides better predictability; because, within the scientific use of Muscle Testing, pure-truth is available, and error and falsehood can simply be personally felt! The simple truth is that Muscle Testing leads to improved achievement outcomes and greater betterment, for SELF and LIFE! For within the SELF-LIFE of any human being or group, Aquarian Human Physics and Muscle Testing simply both provide much greater predictability and usefulness, within the all of Human existence and Physics! Don’t just 'shut-up and calculate' yourself out; when, the pure-truth lives within your very own muscles; and when, you can very simply Muscle Test the truth of this fact for yourself! Truth is strength and health, and falsehood is weakness and disease, plane and Simple! Muscle Testing is extensively proven within many scientific and medical fields, including dentistry, nutrition, physical therapy, chiropractic, psychiatry and others. The art and science of dowsing for water wells, as well as minerals, is Muscle Testing in pure-truth! Do not take my word for it. Trust And Verify!

Humanity well knows internally that muscle strength and weakness do, in truth and fact, exist. Humanity well knows that both muscle strength or weakness, and thus both body health or disease, are will proven events within human life! Muscle measurement scientifically does exist; and, all humans live this absolute pure-truth within their individual, moment by moment, varying states of strength or weakness. Within all human experience, muscle-experience or body-experience lets US-ALL know beyond doubt, that there is simple strength and health in truth; as well as, simple weakness and disease in falsehood! Muscle or body-experience over the test of time, lets us all know individually what is truth and what is falsehood. And if this is not accepted as absolute fact, then yee is as the ostrich with yee head buried in the sand; or more accurately, buried in Falsehood's Illusionary muck! Lift your free head and arm and muscle from the muck; and, Muscle Test Me On It! Do not take my word for it. Trust But Verify!

Muscle Testing is as simple to understand as an infant's sick and needy cry of weakness; as compared to, the coo of strength found within a happy and well cared for baby. Muscle Testing allows humans to naturally know what is strengthening or weakening, within one’s very own muscles. Muscles naturally let you know when to pull back in pain, and away from further injury or weakness; or, when one is otherwise weakened by disease or stress. The Maintaining Self nature of muscle strength is know by what humanity moves closer to for health; versus, knowing what to move away-from, also for the Maintaining of your Self health! Thus, Muscle Testing lets you 'Trust And Verify', exactly what within your very own individual human life is strengthening and healthy, and thus what should be brought home to roost; as well as, what should ‘best’ be avoided and let-go! Muscle Testing simply allows humans to measure the truth or falsehood of any statement or claim, within Maintaining Self permission. Within Muscle Testing, what is good or betterment or strength or health or Maintaining Self can each be scientifically repeatably measured by each meek individual human being, within your own home or lab! As for gaining better human outcomes from scientific experiments, just try Muscle Testing what experimental set-up or applications will gain the most profit! For our universe-god 'holds in return' ALWAYS MORE!

Aquarian Physics is the 'newest new'! In order to achieve the best and most useful outcomes, humans must keep both an Open Mind and an Open Heart to the 'new'! This human need to be open to the 'new' has always been what science has taught us, at least through experience over the test of time! Aquarian Physics neither ignores, nor avoids, nor places any ‘dogma’ into the herein presented scientific study of Human Physics! Following Quantum Physics, Chaos Theory and Non-Linear Dynamics, Aquarian Physics found much 'newness' by simply taking all the human information which was considered as perhaps the in-between stuff, which can not be measured by Classical and Modern measurement tools; and including, the stuff which was ‘known of’, yet still not fully ‘known’ or ‘knowable’ (implicit), within Modern Physics. Then through the natural human universal ability of Muscle Testing to bring-on pure-truth, Aquarian Physics clarifies and furthers the all of Physics! Aquarian Physics demonstrates in detail that Muscle Testing provides “extraordinary” repeatable, double-blinded empirical measurements! Stapp, Jung, Freud, Hawkins, Einstein, Buddha and JC all spoke of the Collective Consciousness. Consciousness, or the Collective Consciousness, as topics of Human Physics have previously been considered unknown or un-measurable; that is, at least by any known repeatable, empirical, scientific measurement method, prior to Muscle Testing! Now through the grace, and individually verifiable truth of Muscle Testing, Consciousness itself is becoming, empirically known and scientifically measurable, in home or lab! But do not take my word for it. Do not calculate yourself out. Try it; Muscle Test the in-between for yourself, from wherever you sit. Pull von Neumann's Chain for yourself! Do not take my word for it. Do not just 'shut-up and calculate'! Trust But Verify; and then, 'You Will Know That'!

Both pure-true Consciousness or Maintaining Self strength; as well as, Illusion’s Anti-Consciousness or Non-Maintaining Self weakenings, are presented within Aquarian Physics in an understandable form, which defines each in exact human terms. The mind weaknesses of manmade Illusions are named, as the human weakness and disease that they exist as; and, they are clearly and simply described, with clarity to compare with the Human Physics of Buddha and JC!

The Mind Illusion spoken of by Buddha and others is defined and explained, exactly and truthfully; as, Illusion looses its' weakening hold when brought into the truth of the light of the day! Actually through the removal of these named Illusions, Mr. Worthington was able to raise his own Human Energy Potential; so as to, allow for his ability to enact Aquarian Physics, from discovery to research to writing to editing and publishing! The 'Human Energy Potential' is detailed in the chapter, 'The Human Equation'. Trust But Verify, and 'Laugh Like The Buddha', and Test Me On It!

By not limiting one’s open-considerations, one’s mind’s thinking, and one’s Consciousness to only what has been previously already considered and accepted as potentially profitable, is very important and useful! In order to achieve the best and most useful outcomes, humans and humanity must actively keep both an open mind and an open heart, to the 'new'! Trust But Verify, to gain the greatest profit within SELF-LIFE! Test Me On It!

Turn The Other Cheek, to Gain a Better, more Balanced, more Profitable, “Heart Centered” View!

Love Thy Neighbor, to learn the lessons, of learning the lessons, of loving even hate!

Lastly and firstly, Aquarian Physics asks all to take twenty-five seconds to self-reflect on bringing Unconditional Love 'home to humanity'. Please take 25 seconds of your own time to self-reflect about how you-yourself bring Unconditional Love 'home to humanity' within your daily, and overall, SELF-LIFE; and including, bringing Unconditional Love 'home' to those who you do not consider 'your own'!

Peace and Blessings to ALL,

JC Worthington, RN

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If you do NOT trust what is

‘Staring You In The Face’; what is

‘Looking Right Into YOUR Eyes’; what is

‘Found To Be The Fragrant Essence Of Love’; what is

Heard Within Your ALL’; what is

‘Tasted Throughout Every Conscious Moment’;
what is

‘Felt and Experienced Within YOUR Body-Experience’;
what is

‘Touched And Held In Return By YOUR Very-Own Muscles’,
‘What In SELF-LIFE Do YOU Trust’!



PRESS RELEASE: Aquarian Physics simply explains why Motion, or the Energy of kinetic velocity, alone creates a relative Mass equivalent in Energy that increases by its' square; and thus, why kinetic Motion alone creates a significant Energy force that is equivalent to a significant Gravitational force!

Aquarian Physics furthers and redefines the human understandings of Gravity-Motion, Space-Time, Mass-Energy, and so very much more!

Time = Motion = Gravity = Mass = Energy = Consciousness!


Aquarian Physics LIVES!

The book Aquarian Physics by JC Worthington is now available at; as well as, being available at other major booksellers.

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Within the understanding and acceptance of E=MC2, Aquarian Physics within its' "Simple Relativity", both recognizes and 'simply' explains why Einstein's famous E=MC2 equates to an increase in an object's Motion or velocity being equivalent to increased Energy, squared! And thus, why E=MC2 equates Motion itself to a very significant expansion of relative kinetic Mass-Energy; and therefore, why accelerated Motion is equivalent in relative force to a significant Gravitational Energy! T=V=G=M=E=C!

Energy can be converted into another form of Energy of equal value, as Classical and Modern Physics recognizes, and thus T=V=G=M=E=C! Kinetic Energy is known to be able to be converted into potential Gravitational Energy. And this is humanly known by the fact that, with enough kinetic Motion or velocity, one can roll to the top of a hill against the force of Gravity. And then conversely, one can roll back down the other side of the hill, moving faster and faster in velocity, as the increased potential Gravitational Energy at the top of the hill, is converted back into increased kinetic Energy or Motion. V=G and G=V! If Mass attracts through the force of Gravity; and, if Mass is equivalent to Energy; then, Energy itself must hold an equivalent Energy force of Gravity within it! If increased Motion or velocity creates increased kinetic Energy; and, if Mass and Energy are equivalent, as dictated by E=MC2 and many scientific experiments; then, increased velocity or kinetic Motion also equates to increased Energy. This means then that increased kinetic Motion Energy also equates to increased relative kinetic Mass Energy, or to equivalent Gravitational Energy. Thus any increased Motion must also equate to an increased Gravitational force equivalent in Energy, if E=MC2 is true!

If E=MC2 is accurate and valid, as it is well proven to be; then, Motion or the increased Energy of increased velocity must itself also be equivalent to an increased relative Mass equivalent, or thus again to increased Gravity! If E=MC2, then MC2=E; and, if M=G (as the Mass and size of an object is claimed to cause the object's specific Gravitational Energy force, according to Newton and Einstein), then E=MC2=G; or more simply, E=M=G! Therefore E=M (within E=MC2,) as M=E; and, M=G (within the fact that more Mass equates to more Gravitational Energy) as G=M (because more objects of Mass are pulled into areas of increased Gravitational Energy, amassing increased Mass); and, V=E (within increased kinetic Motion or velocity itself being known to hold increased kinematical Energy, squared) as E=V (within the increased overall Energy required to move an object up to a faster Motion or velocity); and thus, V=M (within V=E and E=MC2), and V=G (also within V=E=MC2, as well as M=G as G=M). Or in other words, increased Motion equates to a square of an increased Mass equivalent in Energy, which also then equates to an increase Gravity equivalent in Energy! E=M and M=E, as M=G and G=M, as V=E and E=V, as V=M and M=V, as V=G and G=V; or, most simply V=G=M=E!

Furthermore, as Motion or velocity holds an equivalency to the measure of the Time it takes to move from one point to another within space; we thus know that, the increased Timing of an object's Motion is equivalent to the object's velocity or measured Motion. And therefore we know that an object's Motion is equivalent to the Time or Timing of its' velocity through space. Also the increased Timing of the Energy thrusts of a craft is equivalent to the increased velocity of that craft. Additionally, Special Relativity dictates that accelerated velocity holds an equivalent force of Time Dilation. T=V! The Time or Timing of an object's Motion through space is also known to be equivalent to the object's kinetic Energy, relative to its' Motion or velocity. And the frequency of light, or Timing of light, determines the specific Energy level of that light. Also our earth's rotational spin and elliptical orbit determines the amount of sun Energy our planet receives daily and seasonally, based on the Time or Timing of these Motions. Additionally if you impact something with Energy at a greater frequency of Timing or for more Time, then more Energy is added to the object. T=E! With the recognition of the increased Timing of Motion causing increased kinetic Energy, or just Energy; and, with the recognition of increased Energy of any type being equal to an increased relative Mass equivalent; then, the increased Timing of velocity is also equivalent to an increased force of relative Mass-Energy. Additionally if you impact something with particles of Mass at a greater frequency of Timing or for more Time, then more Mass is added to the object. T=M! Finally as increased Mass is understood to cause increased Gravity; then, it must also be accepted that the Timing of increased Motion or velocity causes increased Energy, or an increased Mass-Energy equivalent; and thus, an increased Gravitational Energy equivalent. This is also known within the increased Gravitational potential held within the faster spinning frequency or Timing of a flywheel or gyroscope, to offset the downward force of Gravity. T=G! Now within this 'Simple' understanding of T=V, T=E, T=M and T=G, and along with the above proof of V=G=M=E, we can easily recognize that T=V=G=M=E!

Time, or the Timing of life processes (Time Dilation), within the all of our universe is equivalent to the Motion or velocity of that portion of the universe. This is true on a local scale as Einstein's Special Relativity found, related to the Time or Timing of the velocity of an object in local relative Motion. This is also true on a universal scale for the all of Time itself! If the area of the universe moves faster, then there is more Time Dilation, the same as the local relatively Moving object. And if an area of our universe or galaxy moves relatively slower, then there is Time Contraction. But both are only relative to another area's or object's velocity. T=V, locally and universally! All relative Motion or velocity, accelerated or not, is equivalent to Gravity of an equal Energy force! This is true because it simply 'is'! This is true also as explained within "Simple Relativity"; and, this is true because all velocity holds a relative kinetic Mass-Energy equivalent, squared! V=G! The force of Gravity of a local object or portion of the universe is equivalent to the Mass, or relative kinetic Mass equivalent, within that object or portion of the universe. G=M! Mass is easily understood as being equivalent to Energy, as Einstein's E=MC2 expresses. M=E! Consciousness itself is also known within Quantum Physics' Copenhagen Interpretation, entanglement and the observer effect; as well as, within everyday human experience, life and the all of pure-true Human Physics, itself to be a measured Energy force of varying degrees. E=C!


Consciousness, or 'C', is the last piece of the Aquarian Human Physics equation that must be added in; and so please, do not just shut-down and 'shut-up and calculate' it out! That is, if the Physics of our Human reality and existence within our universe is what you seek to discover the 'theory of everything' for! Human Physics must include Consciousness; because, Consciousness is well proven within Quantum Physics as being equivalent to the known force of entanglement! Consciousness within Quantum Physics may be accepted as being only entangled Quantum information by some; but again, entanglement itself can absolutely not be denied; because, its' experimental proofs are very extensive and absolutely conclusive! The proven force or Energy of entanglement, no matter if considered Consciousness or only Quantum information, is likewise extremely well proven within Quantum Physics and Human Physics alike! And again, entanglement is known through the measured effects of entangled Quantum Consciousness on experimental results, as well as, being known within everyday human life. The Copenhagen Interpretation requires the inclusion of the Conscious observer's affects on the Quantum experimental outcomes, as Conscious Energy again can be scientifically measured! And, a Mass of people who are at a very low Consciousness or enlightenment Energy level, may only be able to produce fire and wheels; whereas, one person of high enlightenment or Consciousness may hold the Conscious Energy or 'Gravity' to be able to join together E=MC2! Consciousness itself is an Energy force of its' own! C=E! Conscious Energy may be Timed at a variety of Motions or velocities, depending on one's then current Conscious state, enlightenment state, or most simply one's state of Conscious Energy. One's Consciousness may move faster or slower between Conscious ideas or enactments at various times; and thus, the Motion of one's Consciousness are equivalent to the amount of Conscious Energy one has to enact change. With higher Conscious Motions and/or Timing, humans hold in return the Conscious Energy to enact more change within life. C=T and C=V! Additionally these various Timings of human Conscious Motions or velocities will either hold more or less Conscious creationary Energy, depending directly on again their overall Conscious Energy, Motion, velocity or Timing, all as noted above; as well as, depending on their physical structure or Mass! All objects of Mass also hold their own Consciousness, even if it is only that of Maintaining Self within their destiny. And objects of greater Mass hold potentially greater Conscious Energy! The Conscious Energy of a single human being, when compared to the rest of the Mass of humanity, is easily recognized to be less Energy than the more Massive grouping of the all of human Conscious Energy! C=M! The ability to Consciously create something from a Human Physics perspective, can easily be recognized as the 'Gravity' to enact change, to draw-in, pull-in or join together the 'new'; or in other words, the ability to 'Gravitationally amass' a creation within one's human life, for betterment or woe. And again, more Mass means more Consciousness and 'creationary Gravity' or Energy, as Timed within our ever moving universe! A Mass of people who are higher in Consciousness or enlightenment, holds in return more overall ability to change the 'Gravity' of their situation, as compared to an individual person of equal Consciousness or enlightenment. Also human Consciousness has well proven itself to be able to create enactments which defy Gravity within aeronautics, gyroscopes, buildings and bridges. Additionally within known Human Physics, telekinesis, or the ability to move an object or bend a spoon by Conscious focus; as well as, levitation, or the ability to levitate off the ground, both demonstrate that Consciousness holds enough Energy to defy Gravity. C=G! Therefore if you want to find a 'theory of everything', you simply must include 'everything'! T=V=G=M=E=C!

Once more, the force of Consciousness is itself humanly known and well proven to be an actual and physical Energy force that is scientifically measurable. Consciousness is scientifically measurable again within the all of Quantum Physics and entanglement; and again, this is true even if Consciousness is considered only to be entangled Quantum information. Consciousness is also scientifically known and measured within many human sciences; and including, all medicine, telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis or psycho-kinesis, time delay experiments, and many other everyday human occurrences. The force of Consciousness is thus known and well proven to hold in return the Energy to both physically and mentally affect our Human Physics and humanity, in ways that produce a scientifically measurable change. And therefore, Consciousness is equivalent to a force of Energy. C=E! Energy is again likewise measurable to affect human existence and Human Physics, equivalent to that of a propionate amount of Mass, as E=MC2 requires. E=M! Mass within both Newtonian and Relative Physics is known to hold in return Gravity, of an equal force. M-G! The force of Gravity is known within Einstein's Equivalency Principle to be equivalent to accelerated Motion, of an equal relative amount. G=V! The Motion or velocity of any portion of the universe; as well as, the velocity of any local object in relative Motion, is exactly what determines the very Nature Of Time for that portion of the universe, or for that object in local relative Motion. V=T!


In considering 'everything', the Physics of all life and existence itself is well proven to include both the hardwiring and the non-hardwiring aspects of all, which is more than simply a math equation, or a mechanical, force particle model alone. And unless this truth is accepted, the greatest human understanding and betterment can not be achieved! There simply is no force particle associated with the Energy force of Motion, nor its' equivalent of Time. Nor is there a force particle for Conscious Energy, nor entanglement; but, Bell's Theorem and entanglement still proves true; and thus, the Energy of Conscious entanglement proves true! Force particles and math equations still explain a lot of Human Physics, and continue to bring us much truth and betterment; for, the hardwiring and force particles exists, too! But neither particles, nor math, nor a non-Conscious universe model alone can bring us 'everything', for they are not everything!


In further consideration of Time, it must be noted that Time is not the forth dimension of our three-dimensional universe, as has been wrongly claimed. This is true because, Time is simply the Motion of our universe, which is a universal aspect of our known three dimensions. To call Time the forth dimension of space-time is an error; because, Time within our universe is easily proven to be only Motion! The Big Bang is claimed as being the beginning of Time itself. And within the understanding of the Big Bang being the initiation of our universe's ever-ongoing force of Motion; then, the Big Bang did begin our universe's Motion-Time continuum! The Nature Of Time itself is the nature of Motion itself! The Motion-Time continuum is not a forth dimension; because, they both are simply the Motions within our known three-dimensions! And Motion as the 'Arrow Of Time', can only move forward, simply because all Motion is Motion! There is absolutely no reversing Time, or backward in Time travel possible; because again, all Motion is simply Motion! The reason there is a past-historic Time, a present Time, and a future Time, is simply because Motion has moved historically, or before our present Motions; and, Motion is presently moving now; and, Motion will move in the future, after our past and present Motions; for again, Time is Motion as Motion is Time! The reason the past is known and accessible in finite detail, is simply because its' Motions came before, or led up to, our present Motions. The reason the future is unknown and inaccessible in finite detail, is simply because its' Motions have not occurred yet; and because, random Quantum possibility creates Freewill Choice, or simply free randomness! All Motion is Motion; and, Time is Motion as Motion is Time; and thus, Time only moves forward in Motion!

On a different note, a Black Hole does not cause a former star to collapse to "zero" size and "zero" volume, as both are impossible within any true physical reality. But a former star compacting to a relative very small size and volume is possible, as this is what occurs within a Black Hole. It is claimed that a Black Hole shrinks to zero size and volume. It is also claimed within this that, a star's density of matter or Mass, as well as its' space-time curvature, must then also expand to "infinite"; but, this is wrong within the understandings of General Relative. If a star ever shrank or contracted to zero size or length, and also expanded to infinite Mass, then its' infinite Mass must draw all the universe's matter into its' point of singularity, if General Relativity is valid! As the universe is currently known to exist as more than a point of singularity, it is known that this zero size and infinite Mass theory, furthered by the very sage Penrose and Hawking, is in need of some modification! A Black Hole may have a very strong Gravitational equivalent, which does affect the surrounding space, as well as, the frequency or Timing of all Mass-Energy within its' reach. But in pure-truth, nothing can shrink to 'zero' or expand to 'infinite' in real life! For if there was ever only nothing or zero, for even an instant; then, there could only be nothing or zero now. And, if there was ever something that was infinite or everything, for even an instant; then, it would have to still be infinite and everything now!

On a further note about relative Mass expansion, please do not forget the 'relative' part of the Mass expansion claim. Therefore remember that to the Object In Motion 'itself', its' own Motion is absolutely not relative, nor increased, nor expanded! And thus, to itself an Object In Motion's Mass is also not relatively expanded! If an actual physical Mass expansion ever occurred along with increased velocities, above that of only a relative kinetic Mass equivalent expansion; then, the Mass would still be measurable to the Object In Motion itself at any point! The claimed Mass expansion occurs only as an expansion of the relative kinetic Mass-Energy continuum, allowed by its' increased velocity alone, relative to another. The Mass expansion claim being only 'relative' is easily proven. It is easily proven whenever the observer matches the increased velocity of the Object In Motion; because, when this occurs no added velocity or kinetic Energy is measurable between the two. But if you place a relatively 'stationary' object in the way of the Object In Motion, then you will again measure the added actual kinetic Energy, by the velocity's square! We know that the Energy is squared when velocity is added to Mass; but, the additional 'velocity squared Energy' is only additional kinetic Energy! And there is absolutely no conclusive experimental proof, to the claim of velocity causing any actual physical Mass expansion, of the actual Object In Motion. This is true for the Object In Motion because, the object's Mass remains conserved at its' rest Gravitational Mass weight always, unless actual particles of Mass are added to it; which thus, would be clearly more than only added kinetic Motion! And again, all that can be scientifically conclusively proved to be added to the kinetic system 'Object In Motion', is again the kinetic Energy of the added relative velocity or Motion, alone!

Our universe and humanity exists within a reality which includes both hardwiring and non-hardwiring attributes, both particle and wave attributes, and both pure-true and Illusionary attributes! Aquarian Physics Lives! Trust But Verify!


The famous 'Implicit Order' named as being unknown, yet existing; and, theorized by the brilliant physicist David Bohm, within his masterpiece "Wholeness and the Implicate Order", is itself now within Aquarian understandings made simply explicit, unfolded, visible and known. The Implicate Order is made explicit, unfolded, visible and known within the 'new' truths found only within the life of Aquarian Physics! Trust But Verify! Do not take my word for it! Do the math, logic it out, measure it within your very own human muscles and individual SELF-LIFE, or open your mind, heart and intuition to the pure-truth! Trust But Verify!

Aquarian Physics recognizes, names and defines the most-basic Five Most Fundamental Forces or 'functions' of our universe. Forces or function which themselves are the foundations for, and thus account for, all of the other previously recognized Forces named within Classical and Modern Physics; and including, all the forces that we know within our universe and reality! These Five Forces or functions are the 'wholeness' of our universe's 'implicit order'! These most 'Simple', recognized and defined Five Most Fundamental Forces are understood to be the most fundamental and most simplistic basis, under which our universe operates, and thus exists as in form and behavior! These Five Most Fundamental Forces are so-to-say the underlining ‘blueprint’ of our universe. And as such, their reach is omnipresent, as are also their effects and known presence, or ‘universal image’! The Five Most Fundamental Forces or functions of our universe are that of the Forces of Maintaining Self, Interchange-Reaction, Motion, Freewill Choice and Consciousness. These named Forces are again the "Implicit Order", within 'Simple' Aquarian definitions; and, none of them holds in return a force mediating particle of their own! The other previously known and named forces of Electromagnetism, the Strong and Weak Nuclear Force, and Gravity, each themselves function and exist within this 'new' Aquarian defined most Simple base! Do not take my word for it! Trust But Verify!

In conclusion what Aquarian Physics has discovered is the equivalency between Time, Motion, Gravity, Mass, Energy and Consciousness! What Aquarian Physics found within its' "Simple Relativity" is the pure-truth that Time = Motion = Gravity = Mass = Energy = Consciousness! T=V=G=M=E=C!

If you have not yet grasped the implications of T=V=G=M=E=C, then I will now be clear. If E=MC2, and if Mass (along with size) is equivalent to a force of Gravitational Energy; and, if velocity or the Aquarian concept of Motion is equivalent to kinetic Energy; and, if the increased Timing or frequency of a planet's spin is equivalent to increased kinetic Energy or Motion; then, you can now Consciously recognize that the increased spinning Motion of any planet or object, will be equivalent to increased kinetic Energy! Increased kinetic Energy thus is equivalent to increased Energy; and increased Energy is equivalent to Mass; or therefore, increased Energy of any type is equivalent to increased Gravity itself! Again, the spinning Motion of a planet itself adds to the Energy equivalent of an increased Gravitational force of Energy! As planets or moons spin around their center axis they create both increased Energy and centrifugal force. At lower spinning Energy levels, the centrifugal force overwhelms any Mass-Energy equivalent in created Gravity. This outward centrifugal force is known at the velocities which humans have so far spun objects up to, both on and off planet Earth. But, as a planet or moon, or any object with enough Mass and size, spins faster and faster around its' axis, its' velocity's Energy equivalent continues to square! And this means that a logarithmically increasing Gravitational Energy equivalent also continues to square! Also as the planet's, moon's or object's spinning velocity increases and increases; then, more and more of the outward centrifugal force is channeled into the increasing spinning velocity's circular Motion. Therefore, as the 'lines' of force or Energy of the planet's, moon's or object's spinning Motion increases and increases, the Energy lines are more and more focused or channeled into the same circular spinning Motion. The lines of Energy then become bent or curved into the straightest line possible. And as Einstein's Relativity dictates, the straightest line around a round and spinning planet is curved or circular, and thus not straight, nor outward! The lines of centrifugal force or Energy themselves become curved or circular; and within this, they become both balancing and centering! We know this is true already, because some spinning Energy is known to be circular; and thus, wheels tend to keep spinning around in a circular motion. Spinning objects like flywheels and gyroscopes are known to 'hold their own' centering or balancing force, thus countering Gravity's pull; and at faster spinning velocities, this balancing or centering force becomes more pronounced, or holds more Energy!

Therefore as a planet or moon spins around its' center axis, at increased velocities of a specific speed; then, the centrifugal force or Energy itself becomes curved; and/or, the Energy equivalent of the outward centrifugal force itself becomes overwhelmed by the velocity's increased Energy being logarithmically squared. And thus this creates a significantly increased Mass-Energy-Gravity continuum! Hence, the spinning Motion of a planet, moon or other human made object, itself adds to the total Mass-Energy-Gravity continuum of that planet, moon or manmade object. In other words, increased velocity of Motion is equivalent to increased Gravity; or more to the Aquarian point, humanity can itself create a Gravity machine by spinning Mass and size fast enough! Did I make my Aquarian point now! T=V=G=M=E=C! Trust But Verify!

Lastly and firstly, Aquarian Physics and One Peace Press asks all to take twenty-five seconds to self-reflect on bringing Unconditional Love 'home to humanity'. Please take 25 seconds of your own time to self-reflect about how you-yourself bring Unconditional Love 'home to humanity' within your daily, and overall, SELF-LIFE; and including, how you bring more Unconditional Love 'home' to ALL; and, most importantly including how you bring more Unconditional Love 'home' to those who you do not yet consider 'your own'!

Peace and Blessings to ALL,

JC Worthington, RN

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