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Aquarian Physics author and founder, John C. Worthington, RN, needs your help, to safeguard the pioneering medical diagnostic and treatment teachings that facilitated the creation of Aquarian Physics. 

John has been hands-on training for over one year.  John needs your donations to take the next year to full-time train, study and practice the groundbreaking medical teachings of his mentor, Dr. Lee Vagt.  Dr. Vagt over 35 years created what he has named to be Neurointegration, which along with his genus Applied Kinesiology techniques, provide exact diagnosis and focused treatments that work beyond what medicine can provide! 

Dr Vagt had a ministroke some months ago; and thus, John needs your support so he can take the next year to apprentice alongside Dr. Vagt, as well as to study and volunteer practice, so his innovative and highly effective self-developed medical practices may be safeguarded for you and all those in need, while its founder is able to teach his genus.

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Aquarian Physics

Aquarian Physics

Albert Einstein Explains Aquarian Physics:

Below Albert Einstein speaks to humans as being part of the ‘whole’ of the universe; and to the ‘interconnection of all’ with Consciousness, as well as, to the ‘Anti-Consciousness’ effects of ‘Constructed and Illusionary’ distortions on human reality. Einstein also goes on to speak of the ‘betterment’ achieved by adopting a perspective based on “Heart Centered Love”; and, concludes by recognizing that the shedding of one’s ‘Illusionary Constructs’ is an ongoing human process of ‘betterment’! In his time the words were varied; and yet, the ideas remain intact today, and abundantly present within Aquarian-Human Physics!

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest –a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely but the striving for such achievement is, in itself, a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.”

-Albert Einstein

And one more from Albert:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite.” -Albert Einstein

Once one’s SELF is open to the expanded, interconnected, enlightened possibility and probability which is unlocked within the truths of Aquarian-Human Physics; such truths, are easy to recognize throughout one’s world and existence in human life! Opening your mind to the ‘newest’ truth is still, as it has always been, the only way to SELF-LIFE betterment! Open your eyes to see what may be; for, truth ‘itself’ is only available to those who Freely Choose to make themselves available to truth ‘itself’, with an open mind and heart. Open your heart and mind to the truth that lives within you and within your very own Muscles and body, or body-experiences. Do not take my word or anyone else’s word as truth; that is, until and unless truth ‘itself’ becomes truth ‘itself’, within you ‘yourself’; as, Muscle Tested and experienced from a whole and complete “Heart Centered” view, as ‘this all’ occurs in ‘this’ present moment, and in all the present moments then to come! Please, personally-individually Muscle Test the ideas and concepts presented within Aquarian Physics for yourself, and within your very own Muscles and body-experiences and whole SELF-LIFE; because, such is the only individual-personal way to know where in truth, truth ‘itself’ truly lies!

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth:

This may be ‘god’s honest truth’ to those who have such a mind or belief; but, from a strictly Scientific perspective, this is ‘the truth’ of the known ‘unifying’ Human Physics of our age! What is presented herein is not ‘faith’ or ‘belief’; although, there is sure and ‘clear and present’ faith and belief in the empirical and experientially proven “extraordinary” uses and benefits found within the truth itself; and, this truth ‘itself’ is only ‘Scientifically’ found within the proper utilization of Scientific Muscle Testing; because, only Scientific Muscle Testing may in truth ‘itself’, may actually scientifically measure ‘pure-true’ truth! This is no ‘boast’; this is exactly what you can body-experience and ‘feel for yourself’ within your own Muscles and SELF-LIFE as being ‘truly-true-truth’ or ‘pure-truth’! What is presented, is simply a ‘new’ understood knowlage of ‘human truth’ or ‘Human Physics’; as, has been systematically proven by repeatable Scientific Muscle Testing methods. The Science of Muscle Testing, first recognized within Applied Kinesiology, is ‘here and now’ well established in its’ ability to facilitate highly accurate predictions, within the totality of the human realm of existence! ‘Muscle Testing’ in truth ‘itself’, allows for human access to the sum total of the all of human experience’! And, with such a knowlage base to draw from, highly accurate predictions are easily made, in truth ‘itself’!

Yes, I understand that in stating that “Muscle Testing can access ‘the all’ of present and past human knowlage and experience”, may to some, sound very ‘crazy’ or rather ‘boastful’; and yet, I only ask you to Scientifically Muscle Test me on this point within your own SELF and own Muscles! The truth of this statement may be easily Scientifically Muscle Tested and proven by you; and, it could likely take you only minutes to learn, to be able to accurately Muscle Test on your own! Don’t believe me; Muscle Test me on it! Muscle Testing is simply that natural and easy to use; and, Muscle Testing’s use allows for accurate Muscle Testing responses to be learned and practiced, relatively quickly. Muscle Testing can be easily and accurately utilized by even those with beginning stills, and potentially within just minutes! It is not rocket science; Muscle Testing is Natural within all human beings, whether recognized as such or not; and, you basically just need a Muscle! It is Human Physics and Science; and, it is equally as experimentally provable and accurate as ‘rocket science’, and any other truly measurable and quantitative empirical science!

Muscle Testing’s predictive abilities are exceptional, and are available at nearly any moment to any person, or persons, within their very own home and LIFE. The same as with any Scientific study or research, to facilitate accurate Muscle Testing measurements, requires a ‘detached, objective, empirical, scientifically removed’ perspective and approach! Muscle Testing may also be practiced more casually and ‘Naturally’, by individuals within their own homes and personal lives, to great usefulness and benefits or betterment! Muscle Testing may also be practiced more formally, with greater adherence to strict empirical, double blinded Scientific standards; and, such Scientific Muscle Testing is equally useful, practical and cost effective for the private, collegiate or corporate researchers, alike! Again, do not take my word for it; ‘I mean’ why would you when you can Muscle Test ‘it all’ for yourself right ‘here and now’! Please, Muscle Test me on ‘it all’ right now within, and for, yourself; this is truly ‘itself’ the only way for any human being to ‘feel and experience’ what is ‘truth’ for themselves, and thus …within themselves!

***Again, for a quick and simple ‘brief description’ of how to do Muscle Testing for yourself and your family, please see chapter 42 ‘Appendix One: Muscle Testing Methods Explained in Brief; or, for a ‘fully detailed’ and through explanation, skip to chapter 26, ‘Muscle Testing & Applied Kinesiology – Holding God’s Hand In Return’.

Proper ‘Natural’ and ‘Scientific’ Muscle Testing can be easily learned, utilized and further developed within oneself and all; and, with Muscle Testing’s ‘mastery’ itself very quickly progressing, with Consciously focused practice and experience, as well as, with good habits and “Heart Centered” intentions! As you learn and use and improve at Muscle Testing, you also may recognize how your ‘Scientific Muscle Testing’ aligns with the ‘internal always-felt’ ‘Natural Muscle Testing’ feelings, you sense, feel and body-experience within your body and SELF-LIFE! You too, soon with some practice and experience, will begin to ‘feel’, ‘experience’ and so internally within yourself ‘learn’ what both ‘truth’ and ‘falsehood’ actually ‘feels like’ and thus is so ‘body-experienced’! When your Muscle Tests responds with ‘Strength’ or ‘Truth’, you will recognize how such ‘truth’ actually feels within your body; and, when the Muscle Test response is measured as ‘Weakness’ or ‘Falsehood’, then you will also be able to feel these feelings and body-experiences of ‘Falsehood’, too; and within this all and most importantly, you will learn, within your own body feelings and experiences, the difference between the body-experiences of ‘Truth-Strength-Health’ versus ‘Falsehood—Weakness-Disease’! Muscle Testing occurs ‘Naturally’ within each and every human being as ‘Natural Muscle Testing’; and, these inherently ‘internal’ skills or abilities may themselves be greatly enhanced and ‘Strengthened’; through first, your recognition of the ever-ongoing Natural Muscle Testing present within you always, as well as, by the ‘Naturally’ gained skills found within the use and practice of ‘Scientific Muscle Testing’!

‘The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth’ can only be truly known to any individual human being on an individual-personal basis! This Truth, Whole Truth and ‘Nothing But the Truth, itself becomes ‘humanly’ known, by how truth ‘itself’ actually exists, or is actually experienced, or body-experienced, within the present moment of one’s very own life; and then, how it is also experienced from each proceeding present moment thereafter, too! For any individual human being to know something as ‘pure-truth’ or ‘truly true truth’, it must first be known and body-experienced as ‘truly true in truth ‘pure-truth’, over the ‘test of time’, within the reality of one’s very own ‘physical’ body, life and consciousness experiences! Only within one’s own SELF-LIFE body-experiences, and then only to that individual who has personally body-experienced ‘such’ claimed truth, is the ‘truth’ then in truth, truly know, as being ‘true’!


The One-True Truth of Human Physics

Aquarian Physics

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