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Muscle Testing or Manual Muscle Testing is easy to learn and practice in the workplace or around the home.  

Muscle Testing is as easy as emptying your mind of want, other than that of measuring absolute and whole pure-truth for the health and strength of yourself, your family, your community, your Nation and the ALL of life itself.  It is therefore kind of like being in a meditative state of prayer, wherein you seek only what is the best for ALL and ALL the same!  

Then while standing or sitting with one arm positioned straight out to your side and parallel to the ground, you make an absolute declarative statement of some declared fact.  

Just after this another person signals the Muscle Test is about to occur; and, the other person then just lightly presses down on your wrist with several fingers.  

Then your arm will either stay strong to the truth of the statement, or it will fall weakly to your side or at least drop a little, in measurement of the falsehood of the statement.  

We The People,

know that what is true to you is strengthening in life, and what is false ...weakens!  What is truth is useful and what is false is a lesson in what to avoid!

There is more to assuring one is accurately Muscle Testing within scientific standards, including checking to be sure one is calibrated with actual universal human truth-strength-health, and not the other!  Cross-checking or opposite and series checks are also a must; and, this can easily be done by simply Muscle Testing an opposite statement and a known or opposite statement in series as one single declared statement of fact.

Things that are unhealthy can cause you to test off for some minutes; and, this includes emotional upsets.  Metal across the midline also can cause Muscle Testing error, as crossing one's legs or arms also can.

Muscle Testing is understood to access the universal collective consciousness, or God's hand!  

And thus, one can test anything that has physically or consciously presently occurred in factual truth, within FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining permission.  

And sadly falsehood-weakness-disease has occurred in truth; but, by the grace of the ALL of our universe-god, by whatever name called, truth-strength-health also occurs in abundance, and

both are measurable guides to

the better life!  

Hold God's Hand In Return
that is
Holding the ALL's Hand In Return
that is
Holding In Return the scientific tool to unlock
the hidden variables of our universe-ALL!

"Peace On Earth This Year

     Or Soon Enough!"Test Me On It!  -JCW

Holding God's Hand In Return

We The People

Lend Me Your Ear!

We The People

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Muscle Testing Extreme Basics:
To truly accurately empirically scientifically Manual Muscle Test within absolute strict objective scientific method is described within "Muscle Testing in Brief" just below.  But, to simply begin to learn how to get started measuring the ALL of human FREEDOM, pleasure and life itself from the everything of human illusion, hurt and death itself, you We The People of The Land Of Free And The Home Of The Brave enough only need to FREELY choose to Lend Me You Hand, so as to hold ...God Bless America in true scientific return!  We The People Lend Me Your Hand, so that you and yours can within this life create the very best this life for you and yours, which is the very greatest human FREEDOM, pure-truth, health, strength, help, pleasure, independence building, honesty and life itself within again this present life itself of you yourself and yours ...right here and now!  

Test Me On It!

Muscle Testing Extreme Basics In Brief are easy to begin to humanly learn and practice!  All that needs to be done to begin to learn Manual Muscle Testing is for you and a trusted friend or loved one or colleague to first simply calm and balance yourself into a conscious focused state of objectively and honestly seeking only absolute and whole pure-truth matter what the measured pure-truth measures as within your very own human muscles!  Then one person extends an arm out to their side and parallel to the ground, and while having an exactly worded declared statement of fact ready to honestly state as a declared fact, that is then to be Muscle Tested as either a strength-truth or a weakness-falsehood repeatable human muscle physical event measurement.  Next the person with their arm extended out simply verbally states out loud the FREELY chosen declared statement of fact.  Then a second person within around two seconds signals in some way that they are then going to lightly press down on the extended arm's wrist, so as to do the actual Manual Muscle Test.  Next the second person then actually lightly presses down on the extended wrist with two fingers momentarily; and while, all persons involved remain objectively calmly balanced on only accurately measuring that which is truly healthy and strengthening and FREEING to human beings and humanity, universally naturally as repeatable human muscle truth-strength physical measurement events!  Then the person's extended arm will either remain strongly parallel to the ground; or, the extended arm will weakly fall very, very slightly or very significantly towards the ground.  

Human muscle strength will be always repeatably measured for any declared statement of fact that is human being universal absolute and whole repeatable truth; and, human muscle weakness also will be always repeatably measured for any declared statement of fact that is human being universal absolute and whole repeatable falsehood, when accurately Manual Muscle Testing within FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining permission.  Because the reason that Muscle Testing works so truly accurately so often, is simply that the human being repeatable muscle strength-truth measurements truly can accurately measure that which is Maintaining Self-ALL to human beings and humanity or that which is human FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining.  Accurate Muscle Testing also teaches oneself to feel and experience true intuitions of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining, which can be honestly understood and measured to be actual divine given or the ALL given graces of life Maintaining intuitions, inspirations, gut feelings and god given always more always more insights into human life itself!

Holding the ALL of life itself's Hand In Return 
teaches human beings intuitional Self-ALL guidance to the ALL of life itself!

That which is Maintaining Self-ALL to human beings and humanity, itself is that which is human FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining most basically, as the very most intelligent design for humanity manifesting true and lasting unconditional love and peace on Earth that is absolute human enlightenment FREEDOM and whole human utopia pure-truth, which now on presently has become scientifically measurable to you, We The People Of The United States Of America and of the ALL of humanity! Therefore We The People, anything that is truly universally Maintaining to the FREEDOM of humanity, being humanly Maintained as Liberty And Justice For ALL, will always measure as The American Way to The American Dream of true and lasting Liberty And Justice For ALL that is peace on Earth and goodwill to ALL!  And that is human being muscle strength-truth repeatable physical event measurements!  Test Me On It!

A good declared statement of fact to begin to learn the basics of Manual Muscle Testing is a clear and exact statement of your true and real personal name.  A loved one's or relative's or pet's name, or your employer's company name, are also good known absolute and whole true facts.  A good declared statement of fact would for John then would be: "My name is John"; and, do also measure an opposite known falsehood, such as for John it would be: "My name is Fred", a name John has never been called or used for himself.  Always measure an opposite statement to truly feel and experience for and within yourself and your very own muscles, both the human repeatable muscle strength-truth physical events and the human repeatable muscle weakness-falsehood physical event measurements.  Then We The People, go out and measure unconditional love becoming peace on Earth, one meek inherent human muscle measurement at a time!  

We The People, any presently stated fact or assertion of fact, such as any political or politician's claims, or any claim of the media, or any claimed scientific assertion, can now on be truly measured to be either the ALL of the truth-strength of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining for human beings and humanity universally, or to be the everything of the falsehood-weakness of illusion Maintaining Non-Maintaining against human beings and humanity!  Such as quote, "What John just stated is accurate", and to measure the opposite event, such as quote, "What John just stated is false".  

We The People, a very patriotic and loyal declared statement of fact would be quote, "The politician that will manifest the greatest We The People American FREEDOM, pure-truth, health, strength, general welfare and posterity is named...", and then add in each politician's exact name; and therefore We The People, measure The United States Of America into The American Dream of The American Way of Liberty And Justice For ALL for God Bless America that is the ALL bless America!  

We The People ...Lend Me Your Hand!

Muscle Testing In Brief:

1.    Get yourself and the other person you plan to Muscle Test with together in a quiet, comfortable environment, free of excessive noise or music or other distractions.
2.    Decide on the general topic areas or declared statements of fact desired to be Tested now, or just naturally wing it!
3.    Center, balance and calm yourself and any other Muscle Tester must do the same, and focus your intentions and desires on "Heart Centered Love" and the greatest good and the best for all and all the same!  Be sure your conscious intention is aligned precisely with your Natural “Heart Centered” conscious intention during the whole Muscle Testing experimentation or measured Testing session.
4.    Within your centered balanced calm, seek to measure only absolute and whole pure-truth, that is the ALL of absolute and whole pure-truth-strength within the ALL of absolute and whole FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining for ALL equally and united as one humanity!  See John's Heart Release About God Of the ALL's for more on this true requirement for empirically accurate Manual Muscle Testing! 

5.    Do not cross your legs or arms or fingers while Muscle Testing, as this can cause error!
6.    Remove all metal objects that are positioned so that they cross-over the body midline of any human beings physically involved in the actual physical Manual Muscle Test measurements!  Such as, remove all metal necklaces or other pendants or belt buckles even; and place no metal objects in you lap or otherwise across your midline while physically Muscle Testing!  Because, for whatever reason, metal across one's midline can cause Muscle Testing to become inaccurate!  
7.    Florescent lights and other electronics can also cause error in Muscle Testing, and so avoid these also!
8.    Likewise, Heavy Metal and Gangster Rap music or other music or TV shows or news programs, with an abundance of the everything of hate infused within them, can also cause Muscle Testing inaccuracies and truly measurable human weakness!  Turn them off when scientifically Manual Muscle Testing!
9.    Upset or angry or inpatient or traumatic or other highly emotional states of mind and body can also make one test off!

10.    Both the Tested person and the Tested person must also balance themselves into a scientifically empirically objective conscious state of only wanting to measure absolute and whole human pure-truth-FREEDOM; for, Muscle Testing measures the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth, of what is being presented for measurement both consciously-unconsciously and as a desired declared statement of fact!
11.    This point of Muscle Testing measuring what is then being consciously thought about, as well as what is then being stated silently or verbally as a declared fact, is vital for accurate Muscle Testing responses; because, if you have any non-objective conscious or unconscious question or doubt or want or desire or fear that is present within your Muscle Testing experience, then it is likely that in error you will measure this, and not the declared statement of fact! 
12.    This Conscious focus and intention itself is again very vital; and so, infusing “Heart Centered Love” or true unconditional love throughout the whole process, from initiation to completion, and all in-between is vitally vital!  
13.    This “Heart Centered Love” infusion is essentially centering oneself in an objective and meditative type state of true calm peace, with the desire for the best for all and all the same, only what is right only what should be, with peace and love and joy throughout, so you can be strong and calm and truly objectively only wanting to measure absolute and whole pure-truth within and for the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining!  
14.    You may also simple pray for the Muscle Testing to be the lesson or pure-truth you then need.
15.    Also just trying to objectively detach yourself in empirical scientific form and behavior works for those who truly can do this.

16.    The 'Tested' human being is who's muscle strength and weakness are being actually measured; and, they must hold their arm extended-out straight from their shoulder to their side and parallel to the ground.
17.    The 'Tester' human being is who is going to measure the strength or weakness of the Tested person's extended out arm muscle; and, the Tester must then place two fingers, such your pointer and middle fingers, on the wrist of the Tested person who has their arm extended-out. 
18.    The declared statement of fact that is to be Muscle Tested is then stated verbally or silently as an objective statement of declared fact by the Tested person, and in direct scientifically objective alignment with their then present conscious thought and true desire to measure only absolute and whole pure-truth-FREEDOM!
19.    Each and every word, just like each and every aligned conscious thought, is also equally vitally important in its accuracy of use in forming the declared statement of fact; for again, you are Muscle Testing the accuracy of the declared statement of fact being Tested; which again, then includes every single word and every single conscious feeling and intention attached to each and every single word within the declared statement!
20.    The truth will be only found within your exact and finite wording that is measured only for the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining, as well as within your entangled exactly aligned consciousness intention or mental clarity of objective focus on only measuring absolute and whole truth ...empirically scientifically objectively accurately matter what!  
21.    If you truly seek truth than you must truly seek truth matter what!

22.    Then the Tested and Tester persons that are actually physically doing the Manual Muscle Test measurements, must first check their Muscle Testing calibration for accurately measuring human truth-strength and falsehood-weakness! 
23.    To verify the calibration of your Muscle Testing accuracy, you simply need to first Muscle Test a declared statement of a fact that you already absolutely and positively know the answer to; such as, what your name is, and what your name is not!
24.    Other persons like your partner's, parent's, sibling's, child' or pet's name, or your present place of employment are also usual absolutely known facts.
25.    Be sure to always state names or all declared statements exactly correctly for accurate Manual Muscle Test measurements.
26.    Another good calibration check can be done by consciously focusing on a truly felt and experienced loving-accepting-open situation for strength-truth, or on a hateful-rejecting-controlling situation for the weakness-falsehood! 
27.    Also to be scientific, always Muscle Test opposite declared statements throughout my entire Muscle Testing experimentation; and thus, simply always also Muscle Test for opposite or opposing declared statement to what you intended wanted to Test, so as to always feel and experience both the muscle strength-truth and weakness-falsehood physical event measurements!  
28.    Thus in the name of empirical science, you should always measure opposite Muscle Testing responses; which again thus, verifies the accuracy of the first Muscle Test, if the measured opposite test measurements aligns in opposition to the first Muscle Test; and such as, if the first measurement was strong then logically a measurement of its' opposite must measure weak, if then measuring scientifically accurately!
29.    You can also use a series of declared statements of facts to also double-check your accuracy.  Such as, you can Muscle Test the desired declared statement, along with your name or where you presently are employed.  Thus, a three-part-series example would be: “Muscle Testing measures pure-truth, like my name is John, and I am employed now as a nurse.”  
30.    For me using my own name, and a name that I have never been called as an opposite, is the most useful and frequently used calibration checker for myself; as, this alone can often catch many everything mind tricky errors quickly!

31.    Once you have your arm extended out to your side and parallel to the ground, and you have done your calibration checks, and you know exactly what you want to Muscle Test for the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining, with your wording and conscious intention all precisely defined and focused, then you must first measure that you have "permission" to measure what you intend to measure within the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining, and thus for the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining alone and only.
32.    You can check for permission by simply measuring if you have quote "permission" to measure what you want.
33.    In asking for permission what human beings are truly doing is asking if they, then and there receiving accurate Manual Muscle Testing physical event measurements on their then indented chosen topic of scientific measurement, is in alignment with FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining or the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining for humanity and the ALL of life itself that is truly accurately scientifically measurable to be the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining that has within human history been named god most basically within the English language.  Test Me On It ...double-blinded repeatably sealed in a blank envelope!

34.    So in quick review, after balancing yourselves objectively to measure only absolute and whole pure-truth-FREEDOM, and after checking your calibration with both a known factual and false declared statement, and after you have accurately measured that you then and there truly Hold In Return FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining permission to measure the topic or exact declared statement of fact that you want to measure, and after you got your wording set exactly, and after you got your conscious intention aligned exactly with the words and whole declared statement of fact, and after and all is so focused, then you just do the actual Manual Muscle Test measurement, with a soon to follow opposite statement and a series of calibration rechecks!  
35.    To do the actual Manual Muscle Test of the chosen exact declared statement of fact, the Tested human being, with their arm outstretched to their side and parallel to the ground, makes the solid and exactly stated declaration of fact.
36.    Then perhaps one-quarter to two second after the declared fact is stated, the Tester person says or in some agreed upon way indicates that it is time for the Tested person to “hold” or “resist” or something else you freely choose.
37.    Then at this point the Tester person, with their two fingers on the Tested person's wrist, lightly presses down on the wrist.

38.     When Muscle Testing, the Tested person who's arm strength is being Muscle Tested, does not try to hold or resist matter what; but instead, the Tested person tries to just feel and experience the ALL of measurable real human pure-truth, within the FREEDOM of wanting only to measure absolute and whole pure-truth-FREEDOM that is the ALL of human life itself!

39.    So again in quick review of the actual Manual Muscle Tests, the Tested person states the declaration of fact; and then just after this, the Tester person says or indicates “hold” or “resist” or the like; and then the Tester, within around two seconds of the declared statement of fact, presses light down on the Tested person's outstretched and parallel to the ground arm's wrist, again with the Tester's two fingers on the Tested person's extended wrist; and naturally, inherently and karmically, the Tested person's arm either stays strong and parallel to the ground, measuring the declared statement of fact as being measured human truth-strength; or, the Tested person's arm measures weak to some minimal or extensive degree, and so the Tested person's arm then moves down some, and so measuring the declared statement of fact to be measured human falsehood-weakness!
40.    Then go and measure an opposite declared statement of fact, and also do a calibration measurement check and series of declared statements of your chosen unknown fact along with some absolutely known calibrating facts or falsehoods!

41.    Muscle Testing is basically simply that simple and pure-true!
42.    Muscle Testing is as easy and logical to humanly understand; for, a child that is truly loved and so honestly cared for and again loved, will naturally measure as stronger and healthier, or again stronger; that is, when compared to a child that is falsely loved and so dishonestly cared for or not then cared for and not then loved, will naturally measure as weaker and less healthy overall!
43.    Muscle Testing is as easy and logical to humanly understand; for, a human being that eats and drinks healthy food and water and lives within honest relationships, will be stronger and healthier; and, a human being that eats and drinks unhealthy or diseased food and water and lives within dishonest relationships, will logically and naturally be weaker and less healthy overall!
44.    Muscle Testing is as easy and logical to humanly understand; for, if you eat enough good food and water, you will live and be stronger and healthier by it; whereas, if you eat enough poisonous food and water, you will simply die which is truly measurable human being absolute weakness!

45.    Be empirical and scientific!  I recommend to never trust any single measured Muscle Testing results; and, especially without at least an opposite measurement and a series with calibration checks, as this is required within the scientific method and to be truly scientific; for absolute and whole pure-truth-FREEDOM, will always pass the test of time, and so don't be hasty! 
46.    I also recommend to not blindly distrust any single measured results either; that is, until it fails the test of time; for, the everything of Mind Centered illusion is a tricky-tricky everything and nothing more!   
47.    And so, Muscle Tests themselves can, and truly to be Scientific Manual Muscle Tests they must be repeated with opposite checks and series calibration checks, to assure accuracy.
48.    For double-blinded peer-verifiable, repeatable, scientifically empirical Manual Muscle Testing measurements, simply seal exactly written out declared statements of fact, along with opposite statements, each in separate blank envelopes with multiple copies of each statement; and then, simply have human beings that have absolutely no idea what they are going to scientifically Manual Muscle Test, objectively individually hold and Muscle Test each blank envelope to find if, quote, "The statement in this envelope is accurate."; and to feel, experience and measure the opposite physical event, then also measure if, quote, "The statement in this envelope is false."  The scientific method lives as truth-strength within empirical Scientific Manual Muscle Testing.
49.    But then again with Muscle Testing, repeated experiments or measurements cost little in time or money; and, repeated practice also teach the human body experienced feelings, or gut feelings and healthy strengthening the ALL given intuitions, of true universal inner truth-strength, versus the feelings or intuitions of true universal inner falsehood-weakness!  
50.    Thus, keep your mind and heart open to new possibilities, while remaining always objectively and empirically scientific!

General Requirements of Muscle Testing - Manual Muscle Testing: 
1.    The human beings that are physically actually measuring the Manual Muscle Testing physical event measurements, the Tested and the Tester, must be absolutely scientifically and empirically objective and without any present want, desire, need, belief, faith; that is, except in the faith in being able to truly measure absolute and whole universal human being and humanity pure-truth; and. this must truly be the ALL that you seek for you to accurately Muscle Test! 
2.    Additionally to being truly and honestly absolutely scientifically objective and empirically honest in your self recognition and self reflection on any present conscious states that are ...not ...absolutely empirical and objective within the scientific method, you must be objectively empirical within the scientific method.
3.    Being absolutely empirical and objectively scientific is required within the rest of Modern Physics; although within true scientific Manual Muscle Testing, being absolutely consciously empirically objective is an absolute necessity; because, accurate Scientific Manual Muscle Testing requires true objective intention to be truly scientific and accurate!  
4.    Test Me On It ...objectively ...absolutely ...or there is no reason at ALL!

5.    So one more time, once you have gotten yourself absolutely honestly objective and wholly only seeking and measuring for ...honest pure-truth-FREEDOM that is the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining that is the ALL of human FREEDOM, pure-truth, health, strength, help, pleasure, independence building, honesty and life itself; then and only then, you can honestly and scientifically truly Manual Muscle Test; for, if it is ...not honest pure-truth-FREEDOM that you seek, then it is honestly only falsehood-illusion that you seek! 
6.    To be accurate, objective, empirical and scientific Manual Muscle Testing, one's full-body and full-person conscious-intention and conscious-focus on the exact and exactly defined declaration of fact, must be absolutely and wholly Muscle Tested for truly honestly, for the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining for ...We The People of Earth ...Self and ...ALL!  
7.    Truly accurate Scientific Manual Muscle Testing  must also always ...only be preformed for ...The Good Of ALL, and for ...The Best For ALL And For the ALL The Same, and for ...Only What Is FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining, ...Only What Should Be, so as to manifest the ...Greatest Good as ...Liberty and Justice For US-ALL!  
8.    And therefore Manual Muscle Testing is universally accurate, only when the Muscle Testing is absolutely done ...not for ...only individuals, over and above other human beings that are the ALL of US-ALL!  And so, accurate Muscle Testing must always be only done for the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining or The Good Of ALL life itself!
9.    And with this, the Tested person, the Tester person and the declared statement of fact itself, must thus ALL calibrate or within pure-truth exist at or above the beginning emergence of human universal truth!  
10.    Or in other words, you and your absolute and whole human conscious intentions and actions must be at very least within the beginning realm of wanting only truth, if it is truly truth that you truly seek!

11.    The conscious and unconscious focus and attention on measuring only absolute and whole pure-truth, as well as any still present wants, desires or needs of the individual Muscle Tester and of the Muscle Tested persons, must ALL also be at or above the beginning emergence of truth, which is the start of absolute and whole pure-truth!
12.    The Testers abilities to accurately Muscle Test for ...only absolute and whole objective and empirical, ...universal human being pure-truth, must be a highly focused and fully maintained priority ...absolutely, both before getting started and within the whole Manual Muscle Testing process and procedure!
13.    Each of the desired to be answered questions, are within accurate Manual Muscle Testing truly not ever stated as questions or with any doubt or question included; but instead each Muscle Tested fact in question, must always be stated within accurate Manual Muscle Testing as ...absolute declarations of fact, during the actual muscle strength-truth or weakness-falsehood physical event measurement.  
14.    And so each fact in question, must be absolutely strongly declared as a statement of fact, and with true conscious conviction, and without any attached personal bias or preconceived expectations, wants, desires, faiths or beliefs, during the entire actual physical Muscle Testing experiments.
15.    Manual Muscle Tested objectively declared statements of fact, must again be made as a consciously aligned ...DECLARED STATEMENT OF FACT; and thus, not as question or doubt or want or desire or faith or belief, which then may include any conscious doubt, disbelief or remaining ...question present within any and the ALL of ALL involved people!  
16.    True scientific Muscle Testing physically measures the declared statements of fact during that is then present within the actual physical muscle measurement; and, does this through a series of empirically measured human being muscle strength or weakness physical event measurements, which are always and only objectively preformed according to the scientific method; or, there is no use!

17.    Declared statements of fact must be consciously and verbally or silently stated and so declared as if they were fact, for only the actual physical muscle measurement procedure itself; and thus, declared statements of fact must be objectively declared as fact, for only the moment. 
18.    Measured statements must be declared as fact for the then present measurement procedure alone.
19.    Within Manual Muscle Testing human beings are actually physically measuring if a declared statement of fact is measured universal human being truth-strength or universal human being falsehood-weakness physical event responses, and again ...universally within the ALL of human beings and humanity that can then ...truly and honestly be actually accurately empirically objective and scientific! 
20.    The Muscle Tested declared statements of fact, may be verbally stated or simply consciously held in ones mind; and thus, if anyone involved in the Manual Muscle Testing event outcomes, or that is just locally within the environment, is holding in their mind some conscious unscientific, bigoted predigest or belief against Manual Muscle Testing, ...some Mind Centered weakness and illusion that Muscle Testing absolutely will not work, then Muscle Testing may truly not consistently work for or with them, or not as truly or accurately, due to their lack of empirical and objective neutrality and ...wanting for anything other than ...only absolute and whole pure-truth.  But whenever such a Mind Centered person can become scientifically objective, then they will be able to accurately Manual Muscle Test.  
21.    The maxim is, if you want to find pure-truth within life, and including within accurate Muscle Testing, then you must first start with pure-truth within yourself!
22.    FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining SELF-ALL permission to Muscle Test whatever it is that you are intending to Muscle Test, must first be accurately Muscle Tested for, and received!  That is, if any accurate Muscle Testing measured-responses are desired!  
23.    There are a number of reasons why FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining permission to Muscle Test a specific topic may not be presently given, in the cosmic scope of the ALL of Maintaining SELF and ALL!  
24.    There are also many personal individual human reasons why specific Manual Muscle Testing persons may individually not receive permission to test on a specific topic at a specific time and place.  
25.    Just know that if you do not then have permission, it is for the ALL of The Greatest Good that is Liberty And Justice For ALL; and, then live with it within the ALL ...joyously!  
26.    Also know that nothing is ever forever within the forever motions of the process of life itself; and, know life always changes and advances towards ever better betterment of always more always more FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining, as ...the very most intelligent design!  
27.    And so, be sure that FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining permission may arrive tomorrow and always only within its' one true time, within “Heart Centered Love” and the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining!

29.    Only asking good questions is actually first and foremost ...only measuring accurate and well worded ...declared statements of fact, which then are not questions at all!
30.    Only make good declared statements of fact; for, poorly or inadequately worded declared statements can result in poorly understood and inaccurate muscle measurements!  
31.    This ...only make good declared statements of fact point is very, very, very important, and especially when first learning Manual Muscle Testing!  
32.    And only making good declared statements of fact remains very, very, very important, whenever Muscle Testing for universally scientifically accurate measured human being muscle strength and weakness physical event responses, which is always or use!  
33.    If you want good answers, you got to ask good questions; or to be exact within scientific Muscle Testing, to get good answers, you must first state very good and well and precisely worked declared statements of fact!  
34.    Good questions are again not stated as questions at all, as there must be no ...question or doubt or want or faith or belief included within any and the ALL of ALL true empirically objective Scientific Manual Muscle Testing!  
35.    Absolute statements or declarations of fact must be worded, and consciously and verbally stated as again absolute momentary declared statements of fact, which must again then presently also be consciously held as such, equally by any and all human beings that are then presently involved all with the measurement outcomes!  
36.    Good declared statements of fact are very specific, and with no ...wiggle room; and, are again always Muscle Tested only for ...The Greatest Good that is the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining as Liberty And Justice For ALL as US-ALL We The People of humanity on Earth ...for the ALL.  
37.    Therefore in creating good declared statements of fact, try to avoid general terms that may relate to several things, instead of one specific thing; that is, unless you further qualify and thus exactly define them specifically in your prior or later Muscle Tested, well and exactly worded highly specific and detailed declared statements of fact.   
38.    Anything can possibly be Manual Muscle Tested!
39.    Muscle Tests can start off generalized or regional, then move more localized until the exact place of need is truly measured, with any details that are within the ALL of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining being then also potentially able to be accurately progressively measured into finely measured repeatable and peer-verifiable exact detail, so as to manifest Liberty And Justice For ALL that is FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining for the ALL of We The People and life itself!

What is a Good Declaration Of Fact:
You may ask what is a really good declaration of fact, and why?  Good declaration of fact statements when learning Muscle Testing, are question you already know the absolute positive answer to, with absolutely no question or doubt possible; such as, what your exact name is, and what it is not as an opposite measurement.  Good declaration of fact statements for first learning Manual Muscle Testing, are ones which are first simply and exactly worded, and equally consciously intended!  But when first learning Muscle Testing, it is always best to first learn with declared facts that you positively know the absolute accurate answer to.  Examples again include what is and what is not your true and accurate exact name, and your employer's, family member's or pet member's true and accurate exact name.  Other absolutely known pure-truths, such as imagining what true unconditional love versus false and conditional hate is truly felt, experienced and understood to be, when you are not within the cloud or want of the everything of the illusion that is the everything of unlove.  Good declaration of fact statements otherwise fit the criteria herein described.  Good declaration of fact statements are again always asked only for in The Greatest Good, and are Muscle Tested themselves, only after FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining permission is received to Muscle Test the declared statement of fact and/or the declared statement of fact topic area.  

Good and absolutely known declared statements of fact, such as what you true and correct name is, and what your name is not and has never been, are also exactly worded declarations which you can always use to check your calibration or the accuracy of your Muscle Testing measured physical events.  Calibration checks are noted above and should be used prior to beginning any Manual Muscle Testing measurements, as well as during the Muscle Testing sessions so as to assure you are still measuring accurately.  Additionally, already absolutely known calibrating declared statements of fact should also be used to Muscle Test, along with other unknown declared statements of fact in series, as a way to assure greater empirical scientific accuracy, by double-checking the measured event responses for accuracy in series or against already known facts! 

Muscle Testing SELF Recalibration

If You Are Testing Inaccurate:
1.    Be absolutely sure that you have FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining permission to accurately Manual Muscle Test whatever it is that you want to measure; and therefore, be sure that you truly only seek absolute and whole universal human pure-truth within humanity's present human conscious enlightenment levels on planet Earth as well as seeking only absolute and whole universal human pure-truth within your present personal individual human conscious enlightenment level and presently needed life lessons of FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining!
2.    Reexamine and restate the declared statement of fact being Muscle Tested; for, its specific wording, exactness and clarity to assure that there is no wiggle room and un-clarity; and as well, reexamine the declared statements of fact for its' truth calibration level, to assure that it measures at or above the beginnings of absolute and whole human pure-truth!  
3.    Also reexamine, and then refocus, center, calm and balance the conscious intentions of ALL those persons involved with the Muscle Testing session, and any other aspects in the Testing environment, noted herein, which you may throw you personally off, and no matter what it is!  Personal upset, faiths, beliefs and positions must all align only with the want to measure only objective universal human pure-truth.  Yet throughout any Muscle Testing measurements, always remember that your mind is the trickster who knows exactly how to play you; and who, is always playing its' everything mind-games on you!  Thus, be sure again that you Muscle Tested a surly stated statement or declaration, and not a question or your own personal conscious doubt or faith or position!
4.    Give yourself three Thymic Chest Thumps, as founded and developed by Dr. John Diamond of his book "Your Body Doesn't Lie".  Give yourself three closed fist, fingers and heal of hand facing inward, upper chest firm without hurt thumps, while consciously re-experiencing or holding in your mind-body-SELF a true loved one or a truly unconditionally loving experience or situation, and while also physically and internally smiling and saying: "ha, ha, ha" loudly and with enjoyment and healing and balancing conscious intent and meaning, as if to laugh any imbalance within you away!  Say "ha" with each of the three thumps as noted, and do so fully honestly with full intention to balance yourself!
5.    Use meditative, relaxing, centering and balancing breathing conscious focusing techniques that are traditional or self taught.  Practice and utilize deep breathing, calming, meditative, relaxation and focusing type self healing and balancing techniques.  Focus on breathing-in good fresh air and energy, and breathing-out and releasing any tensions, troubles or worries; just let them go, as you don't need them anymore.  Study and learn meditative healing breath work for yourself!
6.    Laugh like the Buddha!  Sit, stand or lay and hold your hands to yourself around your belly and chest, and simply laugh out loud …like the Buddha!  Truly laugh your troubles away!  Seriously try it; I mean in a nice way, don't seriously try-it; but really do try-it in a laugh out loud, humorous way!  Laugh in the face of fear!  Laugh in the face of worry!  Laugh in the face of danger, and pain and loss and even death!  Laugh in my face, and I will laugh right with you; and, we all should be open to laughing together and with each other so very much more!  Laugh at the ironic nature of the everything's Mind Centered falsehoods and woe, and within this just let it go with a belly-full-laugh!  Laughing out loud physically can truly rebalance you! 
7.    Read or recite some FREEDOM Maintaining Maintaining lyrical-repetitive-poetic-rhyming verse!  Go to my book Aquarian Physics in chapter 40, The One-True Truth of Humanity's Future: Lees Ways & “HELP MEing”, in the section titled What I Understand Of TRUTH & Please Won’t You ‘TRUTH’ Too and read over the last rhythmic-lyrical paragraph one to thirteen times.  Or likewise, the section about The-Collapse-of-the-Nostradamus-Mind-Trick-Is-the-Feedback-of-Free-Love-Ness-Ness-Ness, of chapter 27, Weakness is the Response to Non-Maintaining Self also in Aquarian Physics, can be read over once or more to rebalance oneself.  Watching video "Part 1" of John's Heart Release About God Of the ALL's and most other parts will also rebalance the everythinged mind back into the ALL's healthy calm euphoric balance.  There is pure-true truth and pure-true strength, and pure-true rebalancing realignments in repetitive-rhythmic-chanting-tonal-vocalized-rhymes!  Lyrical-rhythmic-repetitions also help to infuse new truths into a reluctant and tricky Mind Centered Minds that have been mucked up by the everything's illusions and bunk; and so, repetitive-rhythmic-chanting-tonal-vocalized-FREEDOM-rhymes can just glide or slide right past the everything's Mind Centered trickiness and layers of illusion, so as to be truly felt and experienced within one's Heart Centered Love and honest human understanding!
8.    Get the assistance of a mentor-practitioner who can help you guide yourself to your lessons of SELF; and, avoid those who so-claim to have all the answers for you held within their life.  And especially, if these claimed answerers, or any healing or enlightenment energies, are claimed to only or best come only from them or through them, and thus not from the ALL of yourself!  SELF is always the best and truly the only SELF healer of SELF!  A truly true in truth pure-true mentor or teacher always only guides others to oneself finding of oneself in one's own SELF ways!!!  John thinks that he even heard somewhere that our universe-god inherently helps those meek human beings who help themselves!  Find a mentor that guides you to finding your own truths within yourself for yourself by the energy and focus of yourself, with some mentored independence building guidance to finding SELF within self!
9.    Give it some time and come back to it later.  Go and do something else, so as to take your mind and thinking off of it.  Sleep on it.  Give it three days of conscious consideration and patience.  Get yourself into a place of conscious focus on feeling and being in the present moment of experience; or at least, be in a place of open-minded, open-hearted conscious experience and feeling; that is versus, a place of ongoing Mind Centered Thinking or everything weak thought.  A maxim of John's is: “Work the mind to relax the body and work the body to relax the mind.”, which means to John to, put your mind's consciousness on to something that is calming, to relax or involve the body in conscious focused relaxation, and so relax the physical body; and also, do something physical like walking or yard work or whatever you freely choose, to relax the conscious mind, and visa-versa!  Take a bike ride or jog or stroll or free-meander!  Going kayaking or chopping wood or cleaning something needed, as well as, doing a hobby or watching a comedy show, or showering and soaking in warm water have all worked well for John, at different times or in different situations.  
Cross-patterning exercises are especially balancing!  Cross-patterning exercises are any exercise in which you move your right arm and left leg together, and then move your left arm and right leg together, such as when walking or running with your arms swinging naturally or when crawling.  Cross-patterning walks are John's main physical exercise, for balancing purposes.