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Time equals Motion (Velocity) equals Gravity equals Mass equals Energy equals Consciousness Postulate:

Aquarian Physics

T = V = G = M = E = C


T=V=G=M=E=C sets the foundation for a Theory Of Everything:                                  
Local time dilation equivalencies to motion or velocity:                                       
Timing equivalences to motion-energy, and thus life energy:                                         
Physical time and timing equating to physical motion:                                                  
Time equivalencies to gravity-motion-energy:                                                                  
Time equivalencies to mass-gravity-motion-energy:                                                        
The Nature Of Time equivalencies:                                                                        
Energy as free or stationary motion in alignment with gravity's inward flow:

Motion as inward pull and push directionally aligns the math of universal gravity:
Motion is the base form of our universe and is the potential of ALL:                             
Time and time dilation’s equivalencies to gravity-motion-mass:                         
Why time must dilate:                                                                                                        
Time dilates up to instant travel:                                                                                        
The math of one dilated human breath:                                                                            
Space travel above light speed:                                                                                          
Macroscopic physical motion mathematically requires both time and relative time dilation:                                      
One breath of human activity:                                                                                           
No time or timing passage mathematically equates to zero motion or energy:
Conscious equivalencies in quantum physics:                                                                  
Conscious equivalencies to time-timing:                                                                            
Conscious equivalencies to motion-time-timing:                                                              
Conscious equivalencies to mass-timing-motion:                                                             
Conscious equivalencies to gravity-mass:                                                              
Conscious equivalencies to motion without force particles:                                             
A unified theory of energy:                    

T=V=G=M=E=C sets the foundation for a Theory Of Everything:
T=V=G=M=E=C; or, Time equals Motion (Velocity) equals Gravity equals Mass equals Energy equals Consciousness!  Energy can be converted into another form of energy of equal value, as classical and modern physics recognizes, and thus T=V=G=M=E=C!

Modern physics has sought long and unsuccessfully for a Theory Of Everything.  But to find such a theory of all that is our universe-ALL, one must first recognize and understand the unity or entanglement, and true equivalencies, of all energy.  Or to be most accurate, one must comprehend the true equivalencies of all motion, as motion is the most basic form of the all of energy!  The all of a unified Theory Of Energy would simply be the only true possible source of a true physical Theory Of Everything being humanly comprehended.  Without first recognizing the all of motion or energy, the all of the universe can not be fully understood.  And without first understanding the all of our universe, an accurate Theory Of Everything is not possible.

Human beings are beginning to truly understand the common equivalencies of all that is energy, within our macroscopically measured quantum entangled universe.  To truly comprehend what exerts or creates what is manifested as energy is needed to learn the all of energy.  Most accurately, energy is any force of motion that physically affects other local or non-local physical bodies.  And within modern physics recognizing the quantum entanglement of consciousness and the equivalencies between time dilation or timing expansion and motion or velocity dilation or expansion, the foundations for time equaling motion (velocity) equaling gravity equaling mass equaling energy equaling consciousness are undeniable!

Local time dilation equivalencies to motion or velocity:
Modern physics concludes that time is not constant, but relative.  Time dilation or contraction is dilated or contracted relative to an outside observer or control, as well as relative to instant travel.  And time or timing is dilated or contracted relative to the velocity of a comparative slower or faster moving body, resulting in a relative motion-energy force equivalency.  Time or timing dilation is well proven experimentally.  To the relative slower moving observer, the time or timing of life is dilated or stretched out like the velocity of one's faster motion.  As one’s measure of motion is dilated or increased, and as compared to an outside observer’s velocity of motion, and while occurring over the same amount shared universal time, the faster moving traveler’s measure of time, or their sequencing or timing of life process, will be equivalently dilated.  Or in other words, they will hold in return less comparative or relative time to physically act or live during their travel time.  If their travel time ever became absolute instant travel, then they would have absolutely no time to physically act.   

Physically measured time dilation holds an equivalency to the physical motion or velocity of a body, as compared to the maximum travel 'speed' of instant travel, as well as compared to a slower moving body.  The physical motion or velocity of a part of the universe, as well as the velocity or motion of a body within a part of the universe, determines the individual internal timing or time dilation of that individual part of the universe or body, be it human or planetary.  Thus, all physical motion or velocity holds an equivalent time dilation or physical internal timing dilation within it.  As modern physics proves absolutely, but neglects to postulate or conclude exactly, time or the timing of all life and reality within an area of space is equivalent to the velocity of motion of all physical bodies within that area or space!  The timing of any area within space determines the exact amount of overall energy available within any chosen local area of our universe.  Time’s equivalent of physical motion that is less than instant travel must also be present for time or timing to be present; but, for a moment just consider the time or timing, and recognize time and timing as its’ own force of energy-motion.  The mathematics and significance of instant travel will be later considered in detail.

Timing equivalences to motion-energy, and thus life energy:
The time or timing variances that must occur within local areas of our universe that move at different speeds of motion must always result is a timing dilation, if moving comparatively faster to another observer or control, and relative to instant travel.  This simply means that less life processing can occur or less energy can be converted, moved or timed in areas of faster velocities of motion and resultant slower timing that is more time dilation.  This also then means that within areas of our universe that move relatively slower than Earth’s overall motions, such as at the center areas of the Milky Way galaxy or the center of our entire universe, the timing of all life processes are relatively contracted, or speeded up in sequencing, when compared to Earth.  This would include the timing of life processes of any and all humanoid beings, plants, planets, stars and all other physical and natural processes. 

Clearly an intelligent species that could process, create and enact at a faster relative timing, has the potential to create more energy, motion, gravity, mass, conscious creation or time spent on the achievement of a single task, during the same lapsed universal time.  If a human being lived in such a time contracted place, they could raise a family in a relatively shorter time.  The same amount of overall energy or motion or time may be required; yet, within a space of relative time contraction, more overall energy or life could be manifested in the same lapsed universal time.  The timing contracted quickened pace of life in slower moving areas, allows more energy to be amassed quicker.  This potential for increased energy exchange would also be equally true of a star or solar system, as each would have a shorter relative lifespan that includes greater relative activity or energy exchange.  Time is the span of motion that occurs over a lifetime or a period of a lifetime.  The timing of life processes is the timing of life motions that occurs during the lifetime of a body or particle.  And time and timing hold an equivalency to energy or motion, as time is motion-energy!

Physical time and timing equating to physical motion:
Physical time equating to physical motion or velocity, and thus to any other form of energy, may be harder to grasp for some.  This is true simply because time has not been previously recognized as most simply being motion-energy.  If physical motion is ever truly stopped or at zero, then time or the passage of the lifetime of, say an atom’s nucleus, must be truly equivalently stopped.  Within a universe that is forever in expanding motion, time is forever expanding or equivalently moving forward.  And, motion’s equivalent of time can be equated to energy itself; for, in any measure of energy, time or timing is always a factor.  Likewise in any measure of time, motion is also always a factor, as they are equivalent!

Additionally, like motion and consciousness, time has no force particle associated with its’ energy or action or most simply motion.  This is because time is motion; and, there is no force particle for motion, or consciousness!  Time equating to motion or to the velocity of motion, itself equates to time itself holding in return an energy equivalency equal to any other.  Physical time equaling physical motion is also a most important understanding, as it clarifies so much.  There is no physical motion without physical time passing, and there is no physical time passage without physical motion moving.  Time equates to the physical pattern of sequential motions that occur during a lifetime or universal time that is our whole universe's time or motions.  Time and motion may vary locally; but, universal time or motion also is always ongoing everywhere universally.  And so, there is measurable absolute universal time or motion always progressing, only forward, in motion-time; and, this is true even if there are also measurable timing dilation variations that occur locally and universally.

Time is the series or sequence of physical motions that happen in a particular order within a lifetime!  The life, or motions of form and behavior, of all bodies and particles, human or quantum, celestial or biological, nuclear or chemical, all have a start and a finish that happens in a particular natural order of sequence and timing.  All physical macroscopic or quantum motion has a motion-time that came just before it or initiated it; and as well, all physical motion has a motion-time that comes just after it or is initiated by the previous motion of particle or wave.  Our universe started with a particular motion-time; and, our universe has progressed or grown in motion, time, energy, mass, gravity and consciousness ever since!  Time or lifetime is the progressive order of physical motions that build upon themselves sequentially over a lifetime; whereas, time dilation sets the pace or frequency of life’s sequential motions or timing during one’s lifetime.

Time equivalencies to gravity-motion-energy:
Einstein equating accelerated motion or velocity to gravity is equally a valid equivalency of energy, just like time.  Accelerated motion equating to gravity has also been well proved in modern physics, and was likewise accurately postulated and experimentally proved as such.  But let’s not forget that all motion is kinetic energy, and even including slower motion.  All motion is equivalent to gravity of an equal force.  With enough kinetic motion or velocity, one can roll to the top of a hill, against the force of gravity and while gaining increased gravitational potential or energy.  Then conversely, one can roll back down the hill, gaining more and more velocity, as the increased potential gravitational energy at the top of the hill, is converted back into increased kinetic energy or motion!

If accelerated motion is equivalent to a force of gravity, as has been experimentally proven, then time or the timing of life and physical processes also must be equivalent to a force of gravity!  Gravity changes the motion or velocity of both particles and waves.  In stronger gravity fields particles fall faster to the gravity source; and in a weaker gravity fields, particles or bodies fall slower in time, and so impact with relatively less velocity that is energy.  Likewise, a rain drop that is timed to fall once a month is likely to do little, whereas the energy of an ongoing rapid sequence of raindrops for a month can move a mountainside.  Additionally, a stronger gravity fields slows down the motion or velocity or frequency or energy of the oscillations of light waves; and, a weaker gravity fields cause an equivalent lesser change in the measured timing of light energy.  Similarly, the light waves measured in areas of our universe that are expanding at slower timed rates of motion, hold in return more measured light energy or frequency when compared to areas of faster timed expansion. Time dilation itself changes equivalent to the amount of gravity present.  Time or the lifetime of any natural process is shortened within any time contracted, slower moving areas or within areas of less gravity.  The lifetime of all life is conversely time dilated and lifetime lengthened within any area of faster motions or greater gravity.  Time and timing is equivalent to gravity, and motion and mass and energy and consciousness!

Time equivalencies to mass-gravity-motion-energy:
Time equating to mass comes simply within the above understandings, as mass equates simply to gravity and energy within many experimental proofs.  A body of greater mass holds more gravitational force within it, as the thrust energy or motion required to escape the gravitational force of the body, must be equivalently greater to achieve escape velocity.  An increased time duration or timing frequency of thrust motion-energy must be used to increase or expand the escape velocity and decrease or contract the escape time.  Thrust energy or thrust motion is simply directional thrust that always requires an equal and opposite reaction.  This time-mass-gravity-energy equivalency is again true for both particle and wave.  The timing of light waves is slowed by bodies holding greater mass and thus equivalently greater gravity.  Light wave frequency is equivalently slowed, or red shifted, again by gravity.  Light wave energy is slowed and weakened by the expanding motions of our universe, and by the motion of a body moving away from us.  Light frequency or energy is increased, or blue shifted, by motions moving in our direction.  Hence time, mass, gravity and motion all hold equivalencies to energy, by another name.

A body of mass holds the gravity to attract other bodies to itself, at timed rates of velocity or motion, which move the other body to itself over periods of time or again motion.  And thus mass, gravity, velocity and time hold experimentally measurable equivalencies to each other, without even including time dilation.  Time dilation then by its own right holds equivalencies to mass, gravity, velocity, energy and consciousness.  Gravity then, as a continuation of motion, is simply also a continuum of time.  Time dilation is equivalent to mass and gravity, as the mass of a body is equated to the gravity that a body of mass produces; and, as the gravitational force a body produces is equated to the time dilation which that body produces.  Time dilation and velocity are well proven experimentally to hold an equivalency.  If E=MC2 is valid and mass is equivalent to energy, and if mass attracts through the force of gravity that happens as motion within time, then time, motion, gravity, mass and energy all equate.

The Nature Of Time equivalencies:
Time is what measures motion and motion’s velocity and frequency, as motion is what measures time or time’s motion and timing!  Velocity is equivalent to time, because the velocity of any object in separate local relative motion, as well as the velocity of any portion of the universe, is exactly what determines the very Nature Of Time.  The very Nature Of Time for any individual object in local relative motion is thus determined by its’ overall motions.   The very Nature Of Time for any overall area of the universe is likewise locally determined by its’ local and universal motions! 

Time is equivalent to energy within all that is noted above; and, within the fact that if energy is added to energy for more time, or at a faster timing, then more energy is amassed.  The exact same is true for consciousness or conscious energy or intent, by the way!  Time is also equivalent to velocity or motion; because, the overall time and the timing or frequency of energy thrusts determines the velocity of motion reached.  Additionally, energy is equivalent to time within the fact that it takes more energy to move mass faster in relative time or timing; or thus, to move mass faster in relative velocity of motion.  Again in a similar way, conscious enactment is also increased when one’s conscious motions or energies move faster or are paced faster, or takes place over more time.

Time itself is again most simply the progressive sequence of motions that happened within the lifetime of our universe.  These are the motions of human and all other life over one's lifetime, be you human or animal or cell or star.  These are the motions that presently always came after other past lifetimes or other past life motions, and that come before future motions of life.  These are the past motions that have effectively taught human beings our present motions, which will in turn teach humanity our future human motions; and, these past motions then are what maintain our present motions, which will then become the entangled motion information that will maintain our future motions.  This is time that presently always came only after other past times that were then past motions, and that will then come before any and all future motions.  Once a motion within the life of our universe has physically moved, then time that is motion has equivalently moved.  Whenever time passes, motion equivalently passes.  Historic time and historic entangled information that is simply past motions can then not be undone or affected in any present way!  More motion can be added to historic motions of universal time; but, past motions and time always remains absolute!  Thus once life's motions have been lived, they are set in physical permanent absolute universal time of historic past motions that are time.  Ever since our universe began it has been in motion that is the historic motions and time of our entire universe. Universal time would then be the historic and ongoing life and motions as timed by our whole universe. 

All motion is motion, as even backwards or reversed motion is still simply motion, which is then still moving forward from the last move just before it; and thus, all motion, that is time, only moves forward!  All motion is sequential motion, or sequential time!  Undoing or reversing motion, time or energy, simply always requires more progressive sequential steps forward in motion, time and energy.  For again, all time and motion always have a single universal history that can only continue to move forward.  Therefore, nothing can move backwards in time, as all motion is motion that must hold a timed history of prior motions. 

Some have predicted that time travel backwards in time could be possible related to Einstein theorizing light speed to be the point of maximum time dilation.  Yet, light speed is far less than the true mathematical time dilation maximum of instant travel, as light photons take time to travel.  To go backwards in time, one would have to be able to travel faster than instant travel, which would require one to arrive prior to leaving, or to have moved before moving.  Faster motion than true instant travel is then a logical mathematical impossibility; and, time travel backwards in time is equally not possible!  Additionally, one can not jump or skip forward in time, without moving through all the motions and time that come in-between, one additional motion or step at a time.

Energy as free or stationary motion in alignment with gravity's inward flow:
Energy itself must be understood as the affects or potential affects of either free or stationary opposing motions.  All energy is motion, as all motion is potential or free energy.  Free energy would be understood as any energy that is freely moving, such as fire or our universe’s accelerating expansion.  Stationary energy would occur between such things as an atom's protons and neurons; or, two equally powered train engines at full trust, nose to nose facing each other on the same track, and going no where fast.  Each opposing particle or train engine exerting tremendous force of motion in the direction of the other.  Thus, each opposing motion is bound stationary with one another; stopped yet, always still in oppositional motion that exerts forever present and ongoing opposing stationary energy-motion at high levels. 

Within this understanding of stationary energy simply being stationary motion, bound in extreme intensities on the atomic scale, comes the understanding of the true attractive flow or motion of gravity.  Gravity itself can be correctly understood as the directional alignment of motion that is local to a mass of atoms, which themselves are simply bound in stationary motion that has an overall inward focus.  Thus, the directional alignment of an atom's nucleus or any larger body of mass is always inward toward the center of the mass or atoms.  Physical bodies of mass and thus motion always align gravity’s motion directionally inward directly towards the body's mass.  Bound in mostly stationary motion that is all focused directly inward towards the center of the body’s mass, physical macroscopic objects gravitationally attract or hold the attractive force of gravity that is motion's equivalent.

Bodies of mass then are correctly recognized to be masses of atomic particles, which are all locked together in stationary motion.  Motion that is again all focused to the center of the body’s mass.  With this simple and correct understanding, gravity is then only a continuation of the inward flow of motion caused by bodies of mass within stationary motion.  Gravity then acts like the flowing motion of a river or whirlpool, pulling all particles and waves into its’ directionally aligned inward flow.  A massive body would then be understood to act almost like a drain in a pond; and, gravity would then be understood to be almost like the directional flow of water, all moving to the center drain, over a paced sequence of time.

Our universe’s most massive bodies, black holes, are in truth known quite literally to act like drain holes or sink holes.  Black holes then are dense bodies that hold a very high inward directional stationary motion-energy wave that is focused directly inward to their understood core, as gravity.  Black holes effectively drain or gravitationally attract for a near human eternity, directly into their extremely dense core.  All massive bodies hold in return this same inward attractive force of motion, in relative proportion.  The attractive force of gravity, like motion, mass, energy and conscious creation, are also all bound within a finite lifetime, as well as within a life-physical process timing or time dilation equivalency.  Both time as a measure of life, and timing as a measure of life’s pace or sequencing, hold in return equivalencies to motion-gravity-mass-energy!  Gravity is motion that amasses mass over time, which equates to motion is motion but motion is solid too!

Motion as inward pull and push directionally aligns the math of universal gravity:
The inward flow and pull of gravity that surrounds all bodies of mass is an extension of the inward flow and pull of directionally aligned solidified motion locked into mass.  And this inward pull of mass is also added to by the general and localized inward flow and thus inward push of an ever-expanding universe.  A universe that is forever expanding in all directions at once will always result in an expansive flow and push of motion being produced against the entire surface of all bodies of mass.  And this universal expansive flow and downward push of motion, combined with the local inward flow and downward pull of solidified motion within mass, is the gravity continuum.  Other local bodies of mass and motion also combine to create the overall gravity continuum for any local area.  This combined localized pull and generalized push, inward or downward towards all bodies or systems of mass is what human beings feel, experience and measure to be gravity! 

The simplicity and beauty of measured gravity being a continuum of the combined inward pull and push of motion's flow explains the motion of objects and human beings caught in local gravity fields.  Complicated theories that claim an ever-expanding, ever-outward-accelerating planet surface, which never expands in diameter, and in which the space or reference frame around it is curved and not fixed, may fit the math without accurately explaining the math.  Fitting the math without accurately explaining the physical reality of the math is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new result!  But complicated theories can become Simple Relativity within the understanding of it being the variations in the quantum and other stuff in motion that flows and compacts and so curves within a fixed reference frame or space; and again, not the coordinate system, reference frame or space itself flowing, compacting and curving!  This is also simple and beautiful logic, which exactly fits the known and measured macroscopic and quantum worlds.

The expansive outward flow of our universe that is then inward directional expansion relative to any spherical mass, combining with the inward directional flow of solidified motion within any individual body of mass or system of bodies of mass such as a galaxy or even a solar system, then acts to produce the measured gravity on and around the bodies or systems of mass.  Like a rock in a river's ever pushing and puling flow of motion, which has one side that gets the full force of the river motion's pressure of flow, spherical masses get a similar flowing pressure hitting their entire surface.  Unlike a river that only flows one direction against one face of a rock, our expanding everywhere universe flows directly inward pushing or pressing universally against all sides of all spherical bodies and systems. 

Mass directionally attracts in alignment with the overall inward flow or focus of solidified motion into mass.  Mass also, like the rock in the flow of a river, by its' own simplicity of simply being there in the way of an otherwise free universal expansion, is pressed against by the expanding pressure that pushes everywhere inward onto all planet surfaces.  Mass then directionally attracts as well as directionally presses against or is pressed against by the universe's relative inward expansive push.  Gravity then is the directional inward pull of solidified motion into mass, along with the directional inward push of the motion of the quantum feedback frenzy within an ever expanding universe, which then simply also presses or pushes inward against the surfaces of all bodies of mass.  And this aligned inward pushing and pulling compacts or decreases the spaces in-between the quantum and other mass.  And this aligned inward pushing and pulling thus contracts and curves the arrangement or organization of the quantum and other stuff into the straightest curved lines possible around all bodies of mass, within an inert and fixed space or reference frame.

The expansive universal outward flow everywhere that is all around all galaxies and solar systems acts as an inward flowing wall, per say, thus acting to maintain the straightest curved lines possible around the spherical center core of all galactic and solar systems.  The graphic images created to demonstrate the curvature of space-time acting like a bowl according to General Relativity are generally accurate, as long as it is now recognized to only be the spacing or distance between, or organization of, the stuff within the inert and fixed space that contracts and curves, and not the reference frame or coordinate system itself.  Quantum and other mass becomes compacted together within a fixed space or reference frame, and so becomes organized into the straightest curved line around spherical bodies and systems of mass.  This compacting arrangement around spherical bodies or systems acts to curve, bend or distort the motion, flow and spacing of the stuff around spherical bodies and systems.  This is then similar to the blocked ripples in a river flowing around a rock.  This compacted and curved flow of the stuff around mass, along with the other motions of bodies or systems, is the measured gravitational lensing, which occurs within a fixed coordinate system, reference frame or space!  The expansive inward push of our universe against the contrasting flow of solar systems and galaxies, acts to maintain the straightest curved orbits and spiraling flows, almost like the space around solar systems and galaxies was curved into a bowl.  And yet, it is most beautifully and simply only the directional motion and spacing of the stuff within the inert and fixed space that flows and compacts, and so curves and bends light! 

The quantum feedback frenzy upon itself is force enough to push stars and galaxies away from each other, and to create the accelerating expansion of our universe.  And this same force of accelerating expansion from all around acts as the inward push or buffer of what can still be called gravity, against all bodies or groupings of mass; and, this force of motion is significant!  This then equates to the flow of quantum and other stuff in motion itself accounting for all measured gravitational lensing, and at least some or most of the effects claimed of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  Oppositional motion, accelerated velocities of motion and the compaction or tightening-up of the spacing in-between the quantum and other stuff around objects or systems of mass, and all within an inert and fixed reference frame, coordinate system or space, accounts for all of the observed gravitational lensing measured universally!  

Motion is solidified into mass, yet still remains most basically motion that creates an aligned inward directional pull of motion, which along with the expansive inward push of the universe, is the motion measured as gravity.  Quantum and other motion accelerates expansion universally, which in turn naturally is oppositional and inward expansion to what would be the outward expansion of a solar system or galaxy.  And thus, motion helps to guide and maintain outward galactic expansion into the straightest curved spirals!  Two fields of motion, one locally spiraling and expanding outward, while the other remains universal and all around, accelerating and expanding inward in relative oppositional force, and so limiting the outward expansion of the local object or system into the straightest curved lines possible.  Two fields of motion, moving in opposition and creating what are measured as physical systems of near perpetual motion.  Light photons being emitted and received instantly equates to light-speed being measured as constant.  And this, along with motion's inward pull and push, equates to motion as the universe's measured power house and maintainer and potential for always more; and, all without the complicated need for length to contract, nor for mass to expand, to impossible numbers!  Accurate mathematical formulas are not the same as accurate explanations of mathematical formulas.  And so the transformations may fit, yet for the wrong understood reasons; and thus, leaving science to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a new result or advancement or unification, from an inaccurate explanation of a fixed reference frame curving against the laws of physics, founded itself within sheer mathematical intuitive sanity and genus! 

Motion is the base form of our universe and is the potential of ALL:
Motion as both motion in motion, and as motion that can potentially become locked in a state of solidity within atomic, molecular and macroscopic forms and behaviors, is motion as absolute universal potentiality!  Within the understanding of motion or wave that can become solid or particle being the most basic form of our universe-ALL, is then the recognition of energy and substance existing most fundamentally as motion that is ...always more potential.  The reason our universe Holds In Return such extreme free potential is because our universe-ALL, within its' most basic present state, or form and behavior, is simply motion, quantum entangled conscious motion that guides forward life itself and so forms macroscopic existence within time.

Motion as our universe's most accurate description of what is the most fundamental form of our universe, also explains so very much more.  Ever heard of the particle-wave duality of the quantum world!  The particle-wave or solid-motion duality becomes Simple Relativity within the recognition of motion as our universe's most primary form and behavior.  Therefore, within its' most primary form our universe is motion that interacts to become solid, or wave that potentially is a particle.  There is duality of motion and solid or wave and particle within the more elemental quantum world; simply because, there is a duality that is solid, always arising from that which is motion.  Particle that is motion within motion that is wave within wave that is particle in motion that is motion bound to motion within motion into particle that is still most fundamentally simply always motion.

Constant universal macroscopic motion can be humanly observed and measured within everything within our human world on Earth.  Yet, observations or measurements over greater periods of time, or geographic time, may be needed to humanly measure the constant motion or change forever ongoing within all.  Motion is always present in some form of motion or wave, free motion or solidly bound motion within motion that is easily observable, at least over the force of time that is motion.  To macroscopic human beings, solid appears to come before motion, and thus appears more real or scientific; yet, presently it is the entanglement of motion that Holds In Return universal potential.

With our universe being motion within the form and behavior of again either, motion in motion, or as motion frozen or locked into aligned opposing directional forces acting together to form particles; then logically, humanity measures a quantum particle-wave duality within the quantum world.  That is a quantum solid-motion duality that is also then well proven to be entangled with the conscious intention of human beings.  Our universe is not most basically potential or potentiality; because, our physical universe is presently most basically motion that is consciously entangled, and that then is potential.  Universal entangled motion that is always expanding or accelerating is our universe's motion potential for always more!

Time and time dilation’s equivalencies to gravity-motion-mass:
This understanding of energy being most simply only either free or stationary motion is crucial to understanding both time and energy.  Some may have a hard time accepting the equivalency of time and energy, as time seems more ethereal or non-physical.  To this science speaks clearly of the time component of all measurement, within the quantum measurement problem and all other scientific measurement.  Energy measurement always holds in return a time equivalency.  Empirical science clearly demands that an equivalent of thrust energy and time is required to maintain, increase or decrease velocity, within any measured motion-time calculation made using modern and classical physics.  If mass is amassed to mass for more time, or at a faster timing, then more mass or energy is amassed.  If an energy source is expelled for more time or at a faster timing, then more energy is depleted as more thrust motion or velocity is created.  A more massive body’s stronger gravity can cause a local object to move at a faster timed approach velocity, occurring over a shorter time period, and causing greater time dilation.  A faster timed object can pass by a massive gravitational body, whereby a slower timed object of equal mass passing by at equal distance would be gravitationally pulled into the massive body. 

Sure motion is always also included; yet, if you speed up the massive body to near equal to the faster passing object's velocity, then the passing object’s added motion would be canceled out by the massive body’s near equivalent motion.  The passing time of the formerly faster object would equivalently be decreased to a near zero rate.  The equalized fast motion of both bodies would change the gravitational pull between them; and, with the time of passage slowed down, the larger object would have more time to gravitationally pull the formerly faster object in.  Again, if the passing object is slowed so that it takes more time to pass the massive body, then the massive body holds in return more time and energy to gravitationally attract the passing object.  Yes, higher kinetic energy is also included into the faster passing body; but again for this moment, understanding the nature of time is the focus.

Why time must dilate:
Time or time dilation is absolutely bound to motion or to the velocity of motion, making motion and time into a true continuum that occurs in any space or inert reference frame.  There can be no time without motion, and there is no motion without time.  Time can be measured only by motion, as motion’s velocity is always measured in time.  The exact reason that time dilates or why time must dilate is motion!  Time dilates more and more as motion moves faster and faster; because, if the traveling motion between two points ever became instant, then no time would pass and time dilation would become infinite for that instant alone.  Time is equivalent to motion or velocity, which are equivalent to gravity, mass, energy and consciousness too! 

As motion expands in acceleration or velocity, then equivalently as one single true continuum, time dilates or the sequencing of the processes of measured time expands equivalently, while the space or distance between two points remains the necessary and mandated constant and inert reference frame only!  And as such and in truth and fact, an inert coordinate system is required for time to dilate with faster motion over a constant measurable physical distance of travel; and, up until the motion moves so fast that no macroscopic action or motion can happen when traveling in no time or instant travel.  This is because it is the fixed and inert space or reference frame or coordinate system between two points of universally measured distance, as well as the fixed point of instant travel or travel in zero sequencing of time, that each and both absolutely physically mandate that time must dilate with accelerated velocities of motion!  

To be simple and clear here, the fixed and inert mandated space or physical universal fixed, and thus not contracting or expanding, distance between any two physical points within our physical universe-ALL, mandates that more can be done at slower travel and less can be done at faster motions of travel, within its' fixed and inert space.  Sure the stuff within the universe is ALL in motion and causes gravitational lensing and ALL; but, the reference frame or coordinate system always remains constant within a measured ever expanding and moving universe-ALL; and if this was not absolute pure-truth, then we would simply not be able to measure an expanding and moving universe accurately, and the laws of physics become invalid!  And additionally simply, the fixed point of instant travel is equivalent to the lesser fixed points of relative physical motion, which are the fixed or measurable relative speeds of travel between two fixed points that exist as macroscopically measurable or fixed actual velocities of motion, and that are then less than the fixed point of true instant travel.  Time within fixed or inert and invariable reference points, is equivalent in local and personal time or timing dilation relative to local personal motion; and, motion within the fixed and inert reference frame of wherein the space of our universe exists and can be then accurately measured in alignment with the laws of physics, must always be motion that happens at a fixed or measurable velocity of motion, which equates exactly to a measurement of both local personal time and whole universal time ...that is motion!

As motion’s velocity increases, time’s dilation increases; or the time, or more accurately the timing that is the sequencing of life process, becomes relatively slowed down as compared to the outside slower moving observer.  As well, to the internal observer, when they compare their own faster motion to a slower moving outside observer or control, their internal processes or timing will also be measured to be comparatively slowed or dilated.  As motion’s velocity increases, the time allowed to act or take action while traveling between two points decreases, which appears as relative time dilation when compared to the outside slower moving observer or control.  This simply means that a faster moving human being would have physically less time to do anything; such as, to learn something new or to simply breath and age, as Einstein’s twin thought problem predicted.  Therefore, time must physically pass, or the timing of physical life and life process or motions will always occur, at a relative timing dilation that is equivalent to the comparative velocity of motions of the human being or object.  Timing dilation must be present during any actual physically measurable motion that is less than instantaneous travel between two physically separate points; and whereby, absolute instant travel would dilate time absolutely! 

Time dilates up to instant travel:
A simple way to comprehend this truly simple point is to start at instant travel and work back.  As a starting, instant travel would again be moving without any measurable motion that could be timed in any way, or with zero physical travel time from say, point A to point B.  This one act or action would again occur in zero amount of time, if true instant travel occurred.  But at any velocity slower than instant travel, some equivalent amount of time must pass to achieve the same act or action; and yet, the act or action of traveling from point A to point B remains constant as a single act or action.  The distance between the Earth and the Moon remains relatively constant, and the action of traveling between them can be understood to be a single act.  Thus, if traveling to the Moon instantly would take zero time and allow for zero physical actions; then, traveling at a slower velocity to the Moon would take some amount of measurable and calculable equivalent of time, and would allow for some acts or actions to take place during the traveling time.  The slower the velocity of travel, the more acts or actions can take place while traveling. 

Now just reverse this single act or action idea; and, recognize that the travel time becomes more contracted or shorter, or closer to instant travel, as the velocity of motion is expanded or dilated.  And recognize that at the same time that velocity increases back in the direction of instant travel, all that can be done between point A and B must be done in less and less overall relative time.  So as the velocity of motion increases, then the time to complete the single act or action of traveling between point A and B must equivalently decrease.  Or, the one act is relatively stretched-out to encompass the whole travel time wave, which as measured physically by human beings is time dilation. 

The math of one dilated human breath:
Say the standard traveling velocity from the Earth to the Moon took two human breaths of time measurement.  If the traveling velocity is speeded up so that only one human breath is measured; then to the slower moving observer, the faster traveler would have only enough time to take one relative slow and lasting breath.  Or, the faster traveler’s time would be so dilated in relative comparison, that only one breath of life could be achieved during the equivalent distance or wave of travel.  The faster traveler’s single breath would be relatively dilated to take the whole trip, as compared to the slower traveler. 

This point is crucial; for, the faster traveler may arrive sooner, but with always less time to act or do anything while traveling.  As the faster traveler is moving, less time is allowed between two points.  Thus as one moves faster, their personal ability to take any action is lessened; or, the time it takes to do anything is relatively dilated in alignment with their faster travel motion and shorter travel time, and as compared to the slower traveler.  The ability to act or move is the ability to exert energy; and so with time dilation, one’s ability to exert energy or move is slower paced; and so, less energy can be exerted or utilized when time is dilated, as time is equivalent to energy.  If you lit a candle, on as faster journey less of the candle would burn during the trip, and this is relative time dilation.  In an instant of zero time, no candle energy could be burned; and, this is time dilating absolutely to the point of no motion being allowed within no time.  No time equals no motion equals no energy.  Whenever in a state of greater motion-velocity that is greater kinetic energy, there is less available energy to act or process life internally; and conversely, life holds greater potential life energy whenever in a state of slower overall physical traveling motion-velocity.

The achievement of actions that at slower velocities could be done multiple times, will at faster or greater velocities of motion, and thus in faster or less time, become comparatively dilated to take the entire faster travel time.  Or again, the faster traveler’s individual ability to act during the faster travel time is relatively slowed or dilated, as more traveling motion happens during any single act!  The ability to act or carry out any action between point A and point B, when traveling instantly must be zero, mathematically; and so, one’s timing then must equally mathematically be dilated to infinite, as time's sequencing and thus time must stop!  Thus, at instant travel one’s ability to act or take any physical action while traveling is contracted to zero.  Or in other words, between point A and B you would not have any physical time to take any physical action or to otherwise physically act in any way.  As your time to act or even breathe would be contracted to zero, if your travel time between point A and B ever became truly instantaneous or zero. 

At this instant travel point then, your processes would be dilated to a processing sequence of infinite time dilation, leaving you with no time for process or action or motion to occur during the journey.  Infinite physical time dilation is then equivalent to zero physical time available to physically act or take any action in any physical way.  At speeds of measurable motion that are less then that of instant travel, one’s ability to act or take action is less dilated; or in other words, they have some time to act while traveling from point A to point B.  Again, one’s ability to act is expanded as their travel time is slowed and lengthened; and, this then is time contraction.  The potential for greater energy conversion in areas of slower relative physical traveling motion, and thus less relative time dilation, is also undeniable and simple math.  Likewise, more conscious enactment, or the energy of conscious creation or intent, can occur when one has more time and less time dilation, when compared to a conscious being that has less time and more time dilation.

Space travel above light speed:
A solid object or spacecraft that is in motion within the vacuum of space will continue to move in the same direction and at the same velocity until a force is acted upon it. Any object or craft in the vacuum of outer space that is in motion will continue within and guided by its' present direction and speed, unless acted upon.  And thus, any action of force or motion upon the space object or craft will alter its' motion, or the Laws Of Physics are invalid.  The motion of any object in the vacuum of space becomes instantly presently conserved, whenever no additional outside force is being applied to it.  Therefore, any force of aligned rear thrust will or most accurately must accelerate the spacecraft's or object's forward velocity; because, for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction.

Traveling in space above light speed thus becomes absolutely required as very possible, if every action requires an equal and opposite reaction, and if light speed is not instant travel.  Light speed is not instant travel and photons do not see or experience all time; because, light photons travel at a velocity that takes time, and thus is not instant travel.  Instant travel, which would be traveling between two separate physical points in the instant of no time, or just below instant travel, is the true maximum speed limit for physical travel in a particle form.  At true instant travel, physical travel could only occur in a wave form.

Sure, light photons themselves may not be able to travel above light speed; and thus, the maximum speed limit for light photons is light speed.  Human genus has broken previous known speed maximums, above that of natural phenomena or living organisms.  Light photons may not be able to propel a human made spacecraft above light speed.  If the engine producing light energy and thrust motion does not include some type of channeling device, then the light photons emitted instantly will hold no force of thrust above light speed.  This is because at velocities above light speed, light photons would not truly hold any velocity of motion until after they had already been emitted instantly, or without any motion or thrust that occurs over time.  Thus, photons would not hold any physical thrust motion until after they had left the spacecraft's engine and already moved away from any craft traveling above light speed; and again thus, requiring some type of channeling device to produce thrust motion above light speed.

Any motion of rear thrust or propulsion, as an action, must cause an equal and opposite reaction in a spacecraft traveling within the vacuum of space.  Any traveling velocity less than instant travel will be accelerated by any rear thrust, if the Laws Of Physics are accurate within the macroscopic world.  A spacecraft traveling below or above light speed relative to an outside observer will, relative to itself, be stationary.  Any rear thrust motion must create an equal and opposite reaction, or more forward accelerated motion that is then instantly conserved. 

There is no true mass expansion or length contraction, as the instant emission of light photons itself, explains light speed always being measured as constant and unchanged by macroscopic motions.  Because, macroscopic motion does not move within any true instant of no time passage that is then also no motion passage.  Therefore, the macroscopic motions of the photon emitter or receiver will not change the measured constant speed of light; and, the mass is always conserved within the object in motion for itself alone.  Relative to another slower moving object, the object in motion does holds more kinetic energy that is not true mass expansion; but again, the mass of an object or spacecraft in motion is always instantly conserved for itself, as well as for its' engine and its' potential for more acceleration or thrust motion. 

At higher velocities near or above light speed, the speeds of velocity are larger as compared to natural macroscopic velocities.  And so at around one-hundred-eighty-six-thousand miles per second, macroscopically produced thrust goes only a comparative little way.  But again, up to the point just before the instant travel 'speed' of motion without time, every little bit of rear angled thrust must add forward velocity, if the macroscopic Laws Of Physics hold true for macroscopic objects or crafts.  And therefore, possible macroscopic velocity is not limited by light speed, except that it would take a lot of added macroscopic velocity to reach and go above light speed; but mathematically and logically, it would take less than infinite energy or motion.  And thus, space travel far, far above light speed is possible, especially with an engine that can use some near light speed quantum propulsion system.

Macroscopic physical motion mathematically requires both time and relative time dilation:
At macroscopically measurable velocities, there is always some measured relative time dilation that occurs, as well as the passage of time or lifetime.  You can not move physically from point A to point B without physical time passing; and thus, without some degree of relative time dilation or contraction occurring.  This macroscopically measurable timing dilation becomes progressively less and less, at velocities that progress slower and slower than that of instant travel.  Infinite physical timing dilation must mathematically happen during any instant of no time passage; just the same as, progressively less time dilation must mathematically happen at progressively slower relative velocities of macroscopic physically measurable motion.  Therefore and again, the single act or action of traveling between two points that would take a longer amount of time at slower velocities, will at faster velocities mathematically allow less actions or acts to be completed, which equates to time dilation as computed by human beings.

Sure when you consider the whole journey it is easy to understand that less can be done on a fast jet flight, relative to the amount of physical human life that can be experienced on a slow walk of the same distance.  Recognize then that at shorter intervals along the whole journey, proportionately equivalent degrees of time dilation occur; yet, it is just easier to recognize such events when viewed as a whole.  This is time dilation, as time is most simply motion. Thus, as motion is dilated or motion’s velocity is increased, then time must also dilate; or, the timing in between physical events must increase and get more spaced-out, relative to the more spaced-out or spread-out or elongated or dilated motion; and thus, equivalently relative to the shortened travel time and dilated timing.  As time elapses during faster motion, the physical sequencing of time itself becomes more spaced-out, equivalently proportionate to the increase in the velocity of motion.  For again, at faster velocities of travel, less can be done while traveling between two points; because, the relative sequencing of every motion is comparatively and equivalently dilated or further spaced-out by motion’s comparative accelerated velocity.  Actions while moving are spread-out or dilated so as to be achieved over more spread-out motion, whenever motion is faster.  The reverse is logically and factually true also, as there is a relative time contraction at relative slower velocities of motion; whereby, more actions or motions or life may occur, whenever moving comparatively slower in traveling velocity.

One breath of human activity:
A way to conceptualize time dilation is to again first recognize that infinite time or timing dilation would occur if one traveled instantly or during an instant of zero time.  This is because no macroscopic physical act or action can take place in an instant of no time passage; or in other words, no time-motion could pass or happen when the sequencing of physical time is dilated to infinity.  During an instant of zero physical time or physical motion passage, no human breath could occur.  No macroscopic physically measurable time, equals no macroscopic physically measurable motion or action, as time is motion and as motion is time.  No energy-motion of any kind could occur during any instant of no time, as time is equivalent to motion-energy.  But again, at any traveling velocity that is less than instant, or in other words during any traveling motion that occurs over some period of physically measurable time, then some physical action or acts of physical motion or energy exchange can and will occur. 

So within this understanding, one could travel at a velocity that allowed someone to travel between point A and point B during the time it took to take one normal human breath.  They could then do one human breath’s worth of activities while traveling between point A and B.  At half this speed, two human breath’s worth of human action could be achieved.  At one quarter speed, four breaths; and, at one hundredth speed, one hundred breaths of human actions can be done.  The number of human breaths achievable would continue to increase as the traveling velocity slows down, as common sense dictates.  For the slower traveler, more can be done or achieved during the entire journey; and, for the faster traveler, less human acts or actions are possible, when traveling over the same macroscopic physical distance or space. 

If one’s traveling velocity from point A to point B was ever zero, then again an effective infinite amount of human activities could be achieved, before ever reaching point B or even leaving point A; that is, if one’s velocity to point B was zero.  An entire human life time of activities or breathes could be achieved prior to reaching point B, if one’s traveling velocity to point B remained at zero; and, the opposite is also true.  If one’s traveling velocity became infinite so that no physical time passed during the instant of travel, then one’s available time to breathe or act in any way would equivalently be zero!  This is the exact reason why time must and does dilate; because at instant travel, time as motion and energy must stop!  And, the ‘velocity’ of instant travel is quite a bit faster than light speed, as even Einstein understood without exact recognition.

No time or timing passage mathematically equates to zero motion or energy:
Thus and again, physical human action and life processes, or human motions, can only occur over periods of physically measurable time, as motion and time are one.  Only when some time is included can physical motion be physically measured or observed by macroscopic humanly beings.  Whenever any measurable physical time is included, then time’s equivalent of physical motion is included.  And, whenever macroscopically measurable physical motion and thus physical time are included, then an equivalency of relative physical time and timing dilation is also mandated.  Because at instant travel, physical time must stop as the sequence of physical timing must dilate to infinite.  The fact that no physical energy can be converted or exchanged during a period of zero physical time, also demonstrates the equivalency between time, motion and energy.  Infinite potential energy being converted or exchanged during a period of infinite time likewise proves mathematically the equivalency between time, motion and energy.

Conscious equivalencies in quantum physics:
Consciousness, or 'C', is the last piece of this time-motion-gravity-mass-energy-consciousness equivalency equation that must be added in.  And so please, do not just shut-down and 'shut-up and calculate' it out!  Time itself and timing dilation, motion or motion’s velocity, gravity, mass and consciousness all hold an energy equivalency.  Consciousness as energy may be harder or easier for some to comprehend than time equating to energy; because, some human theories discount consciousness as nothing more than wishful thinking.  But within the truth of the equivalencies of energy, it is apparent blinded faith set in a now outdated Cartesian mechanical materialistic universe only model, that wishfully thinks.  Those who hold onto this clearly scientifically outdated mechanical only model, apparently do so in a wishful thinking attempt to hear no entanglement, see no entanglement and speak no entanglement.  Don’t just shut-up and calculate, for the entanglement of quantum information is absolutely and extraordinarily proven, even if not accurately named yet by some as being conscious entanglement or conscious motion-energy!   

Modern quantum physics beyond question or doubt has extensively proven the entanglement of all nature, as demonstrated by the observer’s conscious intention alone changing the empirical physical measurement results in many, many experimentally repeatable proofs!  The Copenhagen Interpretation absolutely requires the inclusion of the conscious intention of the observer, within quantum experimentation, so as to accurately predict the experimental outcomes.  Bell's Theorem must also be calculated in, mathematically quantifying consciousness' universally entangled motion-energy.  Many, many other peer-verifiable, repeatable scientific experiments have demonstrated the non-local reach of human conscious motion-energy. 

The non-local reach of conscious motion-energy has been well proven within conclusive experiments involving double slit photon particle and wave measurements, as well as within random access generator measurements.  Conscious intent alone can change waves into particles within repeatable experimental settings; and, consciousness can make random access generators, be less random or more focused.  Verifiable non-local physical conscious enactments have been physically measured within each of these examples.  Numerous other empirical experiments likewise equally prove the force of conscious motion-energy, including easily repeatable remote viewing, meditation and conscious focus experiments.  The hundredth monkey phenomenon also demonstrates the force of entangled consciousness.

Quantum physics extraordinarily proves the non-local entanglement of quantum particles that have become physically entangled through shared associated motions and information.  Quantum particles that have become entangled can then be separated by great physical distances in-between them.  And yet, when one particle is stimulated, the other non-local particle shows a similar and extraordinarily corresponding physically measurable affect simultaneously.  This instant entanglement of associated quantum particles is the foundation of all universal consciousness, and is simply based on past associations of shared physical motion.  Motion that can be humanly understood to be the past motions within human life, which then are historic information that is entangled motion that became present motions guided by information of past motions.  This past motion information guidance then acts to maintain human beings and humanity in life's ever ongoing present motions.  The quantum information entanglement that happens between two motion associated particles can then be recognized, particle association by particle association, step by step, to be simply understood to be built into what has been extraordinarily measured as the entanglement of quantum information and human intent.  Human consciousness as measured and understood within human beings, as well as universal consciousness, would then be shared quantum information that collectively becomes what human beings experience as being life's entangled consciousness.  It is simple logic that universal consciousness is simply the overall entanglement between two quantum particles, on a universal scale.  And then it is also simple logic that within living beings, quantum particle associations and information shared within historic motions, act to guide present motions in ways that help to maintain life itself; and from a human perspective, this inherent Maintaining Self nature could then universally be considered to be what within human beings has been named as being god consciousness!

Conscious entanglement is a scientifically measurable energy of created conscious motion, which holds in return an equivalency to all forms of energy, the exact same as any other motion-energy equivalent!  Within human beings this historic quantum and macroscopic motion is information that acts to guide and so help human beings maintain life itself.  Conscious entanglement physically alters both local and non-local systems, and it does so without a force particle!  Consciousness is a non-hardwired or non-particle mediated energy force, similar to time, motion and gravity; and, consciousness is a force within humanity and nature equivalent to all other forces of motion.

Conscious equivalencies to time-timing:
More conscious enactment, or the energy of conscious intent and creation, can occur when one has more overall time or lifetime to spend on the conscious enactment.  And as well, more relative conscious enactment can occur when one has less time dilation that is more time contraction or faster conscious sequencing.  More time and less time dilation each result in the potential for more overall conscious energy.  That is, when compared to a conscious being that has less overall lifetime or time; or, when compared to more relative time dilation that slows one’s conscious sequencing or motion-energy.  This also means that if more conscious energy or conscious attention and intent are utilized for more time, then more overall conscious motion-energy is amassed.  At a faster speed of sequencing or timing of conscious motion, and thus with less time dilation and more time contraction, potentially greater conscious enactment or creation can be achieved.

Consciousness as conscious energy or then conscious motion that is sequenced just the same as all other motion, can also effectively consciously change the timing of life itself!  Consciousness within conscious motion's sequencing or frequency is humanly measured as the human ability to consciously slow down time, per say, within times of great human need.  Human beings can consciously slow things down within their conscious focus of physical events as they happen. This allows human beings to function in an effective time contracted, rapid conscious sequenced state during periods of great need.  So as to meet the momentary or extended need for heightened reflexes, coordination and conscious attention.  Catching a baseball, or making the football tackle with a spinning shoulder roll, or avoiding or not avoiding a car accident are all human examples.  Human life includes some effective human consciously enacted time contraction experiences within human beings.  This results in increased human conscious abilities to physically change or move within human being environments.

Conscious motion or energy also is humanly measured to be timed to vary greatly within different human beings, as well as to vary greatly within individual human beings at different moments of their life.  Some human beings truly consciously sequence conscious information faster than others.  And so, can create or enact more physical changes within shorter time, due again to the faster timing of their conscious motions.  Alert, well rested and healthy human beings also consciously sequence conscious enacted motions and creations faster.  Drowsy, exhausted and unhealthy human beings consciously sequence and enact life generally slower.  Time added to consciousness and within conscious motion's timing, equates to a consciousness equivalency to time.

Conscious equivalencies to motion-time-timing:
If one’s conscious motions or conscious sequencing are moving slower as compared to another’s, then potentially less physical conscious enactment can occur.  Conversely, if one’s conscious motions or energies are moving comparatively faster than another’s, then potentially more physical conscious enactment can occur.  This faster conscious motion would then be equivalent to a conscious sequencing contraction or quickening; or in other words, an increased frequency of conscious motions.  One's consciousness may move faster or slower between conscious ideas or enactments at various timing dilations, as well as over various periods of overall individual lapsed time or human lifetime.  And thus, the sequenced or flowing motions of one's consciousness over time are equivalent to the amount of conscious energy one has to enact change at any moment within a period of time within their lifetime.  With greater conscious motions, gravity, mass, time and timing, humans hold in return greater conscious energy to enact more change within life.  As one moves faster in physical velocity, then their relative physical time dilates, resulting in slower comparative conscious sequencing or conscious motion-timing; and, the reverse is also logically true.  Slower relative physical velocity of motion results in a relative timing contraction.  Slower relative physical motion equates to comparatively faster conscious timing, and resultant greater potential conscious enactment.

Conscious equivalencies to mass-timing-motion:
A large mass of people who are at a very low consciousness or enlightenment energy level may only be able to produce fire and wheels.  Whereas one single person of high enlightenment or consciousness may hold in return the conscious energy or gravity or weight or mass or motion to be able to join together E=MC2, as well as General Relativity's Equivalency Principle of accelerated motion and gravity!  Conscious energy may be timed at a variety of motions or velocities, depending on one's then current conscious state, or enlightenment state.  One's state of available and functional conscious energy that is functional conscious motion arises from one's consciousness; and, one's consciousness changes within human life over various periods of time and within various timing frequencies.  A large mass of human beings may, over enough time, together achieve great scientific discoveries.  Or one single human being at the right critical point may, in a rush of near instantaneous enlightened conscious intuition or inspiration or most simply conscious motion, achieve equivalently great or greater scientific discoveries.

All objects of mass also hold their own consciousness, even if it is only that of Maintaining Self within their own destiny, or present form and behavior.  And objects of greater mass hold potentially greater conscious energy or ability to maintain their current form and behavior, be they a planet like Earth, a universe like ours, or simply a group of people.  The conscious motion or energy of the all of the mass of humanity must be logically measured to be greater, and presently physically enacting more change, than any single human being.  The conscious energy of a single human being, when compared to the rest of the mass of humanity, is easily recognized hold in return less conscious motion or ability to enact change, as compared with the ability to enact change found within the more massive grouping of the all of human conscious motion.  All objects of greater mass hold in return greater conscious gravity, motion or energy to affect change; as well as, holding in return greater conscious Maintaining Self ability to simply live their full life according to their form and behavior.  The Earth as a whole has greater ability to maintain itself, when compared to a small asteroid, a rock or a pile of dirt.  Humanity as a whole has more ability to maintain itself, as compared to any single human being or smaller group of human beings.

The subjective or individual conscious view of all that is physical within our known and physically measured universe, is simply measurable to be maintaining to itself, within its' present form and behavior or destiny.  And this measured physical stability of physical life within life's constant motion or change, can be understood to be the Maintaining Self conscious nature of our universe-ALL, within all that can be humanly physically measured.  This is simple logic with extraordinary proof.  Within human beings we feel it consciously as our inherent desire to maintain life, as best we can and as guided by the entangled information within past lived motions.  And the same can be physically measured within all animals and plants.  Waves, particles, atoms, molecules, cells, objects, planets, solar systems and motion itself, all tend to maintain their present form and behavior based on past motions and within their physical destiny.  That is until another interfering or interacting force tries to maintain itself.  And this interacting force may simply be time that is motion, or simply the force of consciousness that is equivalent to time and motion. 

This is within human understandings exactly the same as how human cells maintain homeostasis within their physical form, behavior and natural lifetime.  Within this physically measured understanding, all macroscopic and quantum particles and waves most simply always act to maintain their self within the nature and fate of their present form and behavior; that is, until some force, of most simply motion, changes.  And this self-sustaining inherent nature within all is most simply and logically humanly understood as measurable Maintaining Self consciousness within all that is physically measurable.  More mass equates to more Maintaining Self entangled motion and conscious ability to simply exist within one's present physical form and behavior, or motions.

Consciousness as information is simply then the past collective motions of our universe that are known in that they came before.  Consciousness as collective quantum information is then the entanglement of all motion as wave or particle that came before, and so became entangled in motion's history and guidance of time passed.  Even if human consciousness is only thought to be passed-on through human words and actions from generation to generation and not collectively within conscious entanglement, consciousness alone, and not brain physiology, must be recognized to be a force of motion-energy that causes generational physical changes in human behavior.  Within human beings and other animals, conscious memory of past motions can lead to new conscious choices that help to maintain life, as consciousness is maintaining to self!  Consciousness in a way is simply collective memories of past macroscopic or quantum motions that enact and so guide future motions.  Consciousness in a way is simply quantum entangled conscious motion, formed into macroscopic physical existence of mass that is the collective entangled information or simple historic motion of what came before.  Consciousness as a force of motion-energy that is founded within the historic quantum particle associations of motion and information; and, built up into the macroscopic maintaining and guiding entanglement motions of all life itself, is consciousness defined in a most simple and least complicated postulate that explains the extraordinary proofs of human conscious entanglement.     

Conscious equivalencies to gravity-mass:
The ability to consciously create something from a human physics perspective can easily be recognized as the 'gravity' to enact change, to draw-in, to pull-in, to join together or to amass creation.  In other words, the ability to physically pull-together and amass a physical conscious creation or enactment within one's human life for betterment or woe can be considered the gravity of one’s conscious ability or motion.  More mass, time, timing, motion would each and all then equate to more conscious gravity or energy, as defined above and as timed within our ever moving entangled universe!  A mass of people who are higher in consciousness or enlightenment levels, then hold in return more overall potential ability to change the gravity of their situation, as compared to one individual person of equal consciousness or enlightenment. 

Human consciousness has been well proven to be able to create conscious physical enactments, which defy gravity within aeronautics, gyroscopes, buildings and bridges.  Additionally, telekinesis or the ability to move an object or bend a spoon by conscious focus and intent; as well as, levitation, or the ability to levitate off the ground, both have been documented scientifically.  Without consciousness human beings would not be able to even jump between two rocks, for conscious calculations must be made to defy gravity.  And each demonstrates that consciousness alone holds enough energy to defy gravity, or to alter mass with motion over time. 

Gravity that is motion changes timing dilation, which in turn changes conscious sequencing.  On a planet that is of greater mass and gravity, human conscious sequencing will be more dilated and slowed down, relative to a human on a smaller planet of less mass and gravity.  More physical gravity is equivalent to slower conscious sequencing and motions; as well as, being equivalent to longer inherent conscious life spans, relative to a planet with less gravity.  This slower timing of conscious and life processes equates to life being lived at a slower pace over a longer period of universal lapsed time.

Empirically repeatable double-slit photon experiments that change from a wave pattern to a particle pattern, when consciously viewed remotely, clearly demonstrate conscious intention causes physically measurable non-local changes in quantum motion, and motion is equivalent to gravity.  Known motion enacted force particles do exist; yet still more simply, there is always the non-particle driven motion that is the movement of the force particles themselves.  Motion or wave, not particle or form, is the most basic energy or form and behavior of our universe.  And therefore, remaining closed minded and unscientifically bound to a materialistic, force particle only model of our universe of known quantum entanglement, is simply logically measurable within modern physics to be a very complicated and extraordinary claim without proof!  Force particle only theories devotion is also without the ability to explain the measurable forces of time, motion, consciousness or even gravity.  Open-up, speak-up and calculate-in your consciousness; for, you be human, not ostrich!

Conscious equivalencies to motion without force particles:
Claiming consciousness to not be the physical force that consciousness is measured to physically be, both individually within each and every human being as well as within human groups, is simply making an extraordinary claim without extraordinary evidence.  There is no scientific proof of their being only particle generated forces.  Classical physics was always based on only physical forces, and modern physics has followed with claims of there being only particle generated forces.  And yet, modern quantum physics absolutely requires the entanglement of the force of conscious intent to accurately predict experimental outcomes.  Time, motion, gravity and consciousness are all measured to be physical forces that cause physical effects within our physical world, yet have no found associated force particles.  Time, motion and consciousness are not even claimed to have force particles; yet, they all are measured to cause physical changes when added into any equation.  And once again, without the non-force particle driven motion of force particles themselves, force particles would hold no force.  If there is no force particle driving the force particles, or no force particle driving the force particle driving the force particles, then there is logically measured force or motion or energy without force particles, and consciousness is one such energy force of motion. 

The Hard Problem of consciousness holds no evidence of a particle or brain tissue or hardwire generated answer to the fact of first person individual experiences being unique; and, neurophysics has found no brain evidence of individual personal experience.  Neurophysics also holds no evidence, let alone any extraordinary proof, as to brain anatomy and physiology alone explaining the personal subjective conscious feelings of such experiences as seeing the color red.  Neurophysics without any scientific proof often makes extraordinary claims as to consciousness being only of brain tissue.  And this is despite extensive extraordinary proof of conscious entanglement reaching beyond brain tissue.  Each and every human being has individual life experiences in which their conscious-mental-emotional state causes measurable physiological or physical behavioral changes in both individual human beings and groups of humans.  Stomach ulcers and cult followings are both measured physical examples of the physical force of consciousness that has no found brain tissue that can be measured to exactly cause these physical changes in human beings.  Thinking of a friend just before they call is also a common non-local example of human entanglement.

Any true extraordinary proof that all known human and animal conscious attributes and personal experiences are nerve cell or fiber or particle or hardwire driven, would allow science to claim scientifically that brain tissue alone is consciousness.  And yet, there are only hard problems, seeing red and neglects within the scientific method, when claims of consciousness being nerve cells alone are faithfully maintained against scientific proof.  Most simply, what is measured to be conscious motions within subjective and quantum human measurements, is most simply explained by consciousness being more than only nerve tissue mediated.  For humans to properly access consciousness, brain tissue is required; yet, access is only access.  The measured facts most simply only fit a non-particle, non-hardwired and non-nerve cell only model, that includes consciousness as a force equivalent to motion.

Changes in conscious states measurably cause physical changes within individual human beings, groups of humans and humanity as a whole, as well as within other animals and plants.  Changes measured in random access generators after the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, and simple physiological or physical emotional and behavioral changes in individuals, families or human groups who only change their conscious thoughts or intentions, are examples of conscious energy causing macroscopically measurable local and non-local physical changes in human beings and humanity.  Conscious motion moves human beings in many physical ways that without question hold no known or measured force particle.  Yet, like time's timed motions upon motions and gravity's inward aligned motion and mass's stationary motion and energy is always only motion and consciousness is self-sustaining historic motion information, conscious motion is equivalent to motion within any of motion's other forms.

A unified theory of energy:
Motion, gravity, mass, energy and conscious creation are all always bound within a finite lifetime; as well as, also always being bound within a physical-life process timing equivalency that arises from the guidance or trajectory of entangled past life motions.  Both time as a measure of life or a portion of life, and timing as a measure of life’s pace or sequencing, hold in return equivalencies to motion, as does gravity, mass, energy and consciousness too.  Therefore, if you want to find a Theory Of Everything, then you simply must first include motion, in all of its’ now recognized and defined motions or energy forms, including time and consciousness; because, Time equals Motion (Velocity) equals Gravity equals Mass equals Energy equals Consciousness; or, T=V=G=M=E=C!

By JC Worthington, RN                                                                                6-16-15

True independence building and blessings to the free motions of Rick Pam and the entire Stanford University Physics Department for the Pam Expansion motions and time shared to fulfill my conscious need.


Simple Relativity Predicts that T=V=G=M=E=C:

1.  SimpleRelativity predicts that Time = Motion(velocity) = Gravity = Mass = Energy = Consciousness, or T=V=G=M=E=C!

  • Energy can be converted into another form of Energyof equal value, as Classical and Modern Physics recognizes; and, thus Simple Relativity predicts that Time = Motion(velocity) = Gravity = Mass = Energy = Consciousness, or T=V=G=M=E=C!

2.  SimpleRelativity predicts that V=G=M=E:

  • Simple Relativity predicts that M=G and M=E, and thus E=G!  Simple Relativity predicts that if Mass attracts through the force of Gravity, which it is equivalent to; and, if Mass is equivalent to Energy; then, Energy itself must hold an equivalent Energy force of Gravity within it, if E=mc2 is valid!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that V=E, and M=E, and thus, V=E=M!
  • Simple Relativity predicts that if increased Motion or velocity creates increased kinetic Energy; and, if Mass and Energy are equivalent, as dictated by E=mc2 and many scientific experiments; then, increased velocity or kinetic Motion also equates to increased Energy or Mass!
  • Simple Relativity predicts that V=MC2=E=G!  Simple Relativity predicts that if increased Motion causes or equates to a square of an increased Mass-Energy equivalent in Energy, then increased Motion also equates to an increase Gravity equivalent in Energy that is significant!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that M=G as G=M!  Simple Relativity predicts that M=G, within the fact that more Mass equates to the production of more Gravitational Energy; as, G=M, within the fact that more objects of Mass are pulled into areas of increased Gravitational Energy, amassing increased Mass.
  • Simple Relativity predicts that V=G and G=V!  Simple Relativity predicts that with enough kinetic Motion or velocity, one can roll to the top of a hill, against the force of Gravity and while gaining increased Gravitational potential or Energy!  And then conversely, one can roll back down the other side of the hill, gaining more and more velocity, as the increased potential Gravitational Energy at the top of the hill, is converted back into increased kinetic Energy or Motion!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that V=M as M=V!  Simple Relativity predicts that V=M, within V=E and E=mc2 (or Energy = Mass); as, M=V, within the increased Energy held within objects of more mass, which then can be used to create more velocity.
  • Simple Relativity predicts that V=G as G=V!  Simple Relativity predicts that V=G is true as explained within Simple Relativity; and because, all velocity holds a relative kinetic Mass-Energy equivalent, squared.  And Simple Relativity predicts that G=V, within Gravity being known within Einstein's Equivalency Principle as being a force that is equivalent to accelerated Motion, of an equal relative amount!
  • Therefore Simple Relativity predicts that E=M and M=E, as M=G and G=M, as V=E and E=V, as V=M and M=V, as V=G and G=V!  
  • Or most simply, Simple Relativity predicts that V=G=M=E!

3.  SimpleRelativity predicts that T=V=G=M=E, or Time = Energy, as Motion = Energy:

  • Simple Relativity predicts that T=V as V=T! 
  • Simple Relativity predicts that T=V, because the Time or Timing of Energy thrusts determines the velocity of Motion reached; and, Time is what measures the velocity of Motion!  Simple Relativity predicts that V=T, because the velocity of any object in separate local relative Motion; as well as, the velocity of any portion of the universe, is exactly what determines the very Nature Of Time for that individual object in local relative Motion as Special Relativity dictates; or, overall for that portion of the universe as Simple Relativity dictates!     
  • Simple Relativity predicts that T=G as G=T!  Simple Relativity predicts that T=G, within the changes in the Time it takes an object to fall back down to the surface of a strong gravitational body; as compared to, the time it would take to fall within a weaker gravitational field.  Simple Relativity predicts that G=T, within the know Timing changes of light frequency or light energy caused by gravitational forces.      
  • Simple Relativity predicts that T=M as M=T!  Simple Relativity predicts that T=M, within the fact that if Mass is amassed to Mass for more Time, or at a faster Timing, then more Mass is amassed.  Simple Relativity predicts that M=T, within the fact that an object of greater Mass can more greatly change the Timing or frequency of light Energy; or, a more massive object can cause an object to move at a faster velocity, causing Time dilation.
  • Simple Relativity predicts that T=E as E=T!  Simple Relativity predicts that T=E, within everything I have noted above; and, within the fact that if Energy is added to Energy for more Time, or at a faster Timing, then more Energy is amassed.  Simple Relativity predicts that E=T, within the fact that it takes more Energy to move Mass faster in Time or Timing; or thus, to move Mass faster in Motion.
  • Simple Relativity predicts that T=V=G=M=E!

4.  Simple Relativity predicts that Time ONLY Moves Forward, as ALL Motion IS Motion:      

  • In further consideration of Time, Simple Relativity predicts that Time is not the fourth dimension of our three-dimensional universe, as has been wrongly claimed; because once more, Time is simply the Motion of our three-dimensional universe!     
  • Simple Relativity predicts that the Motion-Time continuum is not a forth dimension; because, they both are simply the Motions within our known three-dimensions!
  • Simple Relativity predicts that Motion being the 'Arrow Of Time' can only move forward, simply because all Motion is Motion!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that there is absolutely no reversing Time, or backward in Time travel possible; because again, all Motion is simply Motion!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that the reason there is a past-historic Time, a present Time, and a future Time is simply because, Motion has moved historically or before our present Motions, and Motion is presently moving now, and Motion will move in the future after our past and present Motions; for again, Time is Motion as Motion is Time!
  • Simple Relativity predicts that the Motions and Time of the past can be known, because they led up to our present movements and moments.  
  • And Simple Relativity predicts that the Motions and Time of the future themselves are yet to be; and, with all the random quantum possibility held within every Interchange-Reaction, the future can never be finitely or exactly known or accessed, until it becomes present; for again, it's moment of movements have not yet been!

5.  Simple Relativity predicts that Entanglement & Human Live Proves ConsciousnessIS Energy, or C=E as E=C:

  • Simple Relativity predicts that C=E as E=C!  Consciousness itself is also known within Quantum Physics' Copenhagen Interpretation, entanglement and the observer effect; as well as, within everyday human experience, life and the all of pure-true Human Physics, to be a measured Energy force of varying degrees. C=E!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that Consciousness, or 'C', is the last piece of the Aquarian Human Physics equation that must be added in!
  • That is, if the physics of our human reality and existence within our universe is what you seek to discover the 'Theory of Everything' for; and, if the greatest human betterment and advancements is what Human Physics can bring humanity! 
  • Simple Relativity predicts that the Physics of humanity must include Consciousness; because, Consciousness is well proven within Quantum Physics as being equivalent to the known force of entanglement!  
  • Consciousness within Quantum Physics may be accepted as being only entangled Quantum information by some; but, Simple Relativity predicts that its force of entanglement is still well proven!
  • Simple Relativity predicts that Entanglement itself can absolutely not be denied; because, its experimental proofs are very extensive and absolutely conclusive!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that the proven force or Energy of entanglement, no matter if considered Consciousness or only Quantum information, is extremely well proven by Quantum Physics and Human Physics alike!  
  • Entanglement is known through the measured effects of entangled Quantum Consciousness on experimental results, as well as being known within everyday human life.  
  • The Copenhagen Interpretation absolutely requires the inclusion of the Conscious observer's effects on the Quantum experimental outcomes; and, Bell's Theorem must be calculated in; as, Simple Relativity predicts that Conscious Energy again can be scientifically measured, as C=E!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that as more human Energy is enacted and focused Consciously to an outcome, the potential outcome becomes more likely to occur; or, that increases human Energy input creates increased Conscious potential output, as E=C!
  • See Aquarian Physics "Human Equation" for the "Human Energy Potential" for more on C=E as E=C.
  • Simple Relativity predicts that a Mass of people who are at a very low Consciousness or enlightenment Energy level, may only be able to produce fire and wheels; whereas, one person of high enlightenment or Consciousness may hold the Conscious Energy or 'Gravity' to be able to join together E=mc2, as well as General Relativity's Equivalency Principle!  C=E as E=C!

6.  Simple Relativity predicts that C=T, as C=V, as C=G, as C=M, as C=E, and T=V=G=M=E=C:

  • Simple Relativity predicts that C=E!  Simple Relativity predicts that Consciousness itself is an Energy force of its own, as noted above!  C=E!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that C=T and C=V!  Simple Relativity predicts that Conscious Energy may be Timed at a variety of Motions or velocities, depending on one's then current Conscious state, or enlightenment state, or most simply one's state of available and functional Conscious Energy!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that One's Consciousness may move faster or slower between Conscious ideas or enactments at various times; and thus, the Motion of one's Consciousness is equivalent to the amount of Conscious Energy one has to enact change within their life at any moment.  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that with higher Conscious Motions and/or Timing, humans hold in return the Conscious Energy to enact more change within life.  C=T and C=V!  
  • C=M!  Additionally Simple Relativity predicts that these various Timings of human Conscious Motions or velocities will either hold more or less Conscious creationary Energy, depending directly on again their overall Conscious Energy, Motion, velocity or Timing, all as noted above; as well as, also depending on their physical structure or Mass!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that all objects of Mass also hold their own Consciousness, even if it is only that of Maintaining Self within their destiny.  
  • And Simple Relativity predicts that objects of greater Mass hold potentially greater Conscious Energy!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that the Conscious Energy of a single human being, when compared to the rest of the Mass of humanity, is easily recognized to be less Energy than the more Massive grouping of the all of human Conscious Energy!  C=M!  
  • C=G!  Simple Relativity predicts that the ability to Consciously create something from a Human Physics perspective, can easily be recognized as the 'Gravity' to enact change, to draw-in, to pull-in or to join together the 'new'; or in other words, the ability to 'Gravitationally amass' a creation within one's human life, for betterment or woe.  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that more Mass means more Consciousness and 'creationary Gravity' or Energy, as Timed within our ever moving universe!  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that a Mass of people who are higher in Consciousness or enlightenment, holds in return more overall ability to change the 'Gravity' of their situation, as compared to one individual person of equal Consciousness or enlightenment.  
  • Simple Relativity predicts that Human Consciousness has well proven itself to be able to create enactments which defy Gravity within aeronautics, gyroscopes, buildings and bridges.
  • Simple Relativity predicts that within known Human Physics, telekinesis, or the ability to move an object or bend a spoon by Conscious focus; as well as, levitation, or the ability to levitate off the ground, both demonstrate that Consciousness holds enough Energy to defy Gravity.  C=G!

  • Thus with all that is presented above, Simple Relativity predicts that Time equals Motion(velocity) equals Gravity equals Mass equals Energy equals Consciousness, or T=V=G=M=E=C!

  • Therefore if you want to find a Theory of Everything, Simple Relativity predicts that you must include the equation: T=V=G=M=E=C!

Lastly & Firstly:

Lastly and firstly, Aquarian Physics predicts that humanity can bring Unconditional Love home to the all of humanity, through hardwired and non-hardwired means; and within this, Aquarian Physics and One Peace Press asks all persons to take twenty-five seconds to self-reflect on bringing Unconditional Love 'home to humanity'.  Please take 25 seconds of your own time to self-reflect about how you-yourself bring Unconditional Love 'home to humanity' within your daily, and overall, SELF-LIFE; and including, how you bring more Unconditional Love 'home' to ALL; and, most importantly including how you bring more Unconditional Love 'home' to those whom you do not yet consider 'your own'!  

Peace and Blessings to ALL,

JC Worthington, RN

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