"Peace On Earth This Year

     Or Soon Enough!"Test Me On It!  -JCW

Aquarian Physics

Holding God's Hand In Return


The ALL of Aquarian Physics was founded,
discovered, researched, refined, and furthered and refined again and again
by JC Worthington, RN, acting alone
and with very rare and minimal help from
only one lone Stanford Physics Department belessing,
The Pam Expansion.

Aquarian Physics is a result of
The Working Person's Way To Enlightenment
that allows for greater human conscious enlightenment evolution to occur within any one physical human being life time
within the ALL of life itself!

JC Worthington, RN was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. He became a registered nurse in 1985 while working on the Spinal Cord Injury Ward of the Palo Alto Veterans Administration hospital. John values his beginning as a rehabilitation nurse greatly; because, it helped focus him on looking on ways to live life to one's fullest. 

Worthington has also been a nurse within many acute care settings, home health and hospice settings, clinic settings, residential long term care settings, summer camp settings, school settings and home respite care settings.

JC Worthington started his own home care nurses registry, Worthington Respite, specializing in serving children and young adults with severe disabilities.  Worthington Respite helped many local children and young adults to remain healthy, active and happy within both their home and community-school activities. Worthington Respite was a vendored In-Home Nursing Care provider within the California State Regional Center system.  John worked as a camp nurse, at a local camp for disabled children and young adults, Camp Rubber Soul; as well as, for The Boys & Girls Clubs Of San Francisco local blessing Camp Mendocino.  JC Worthington also has worked as a MDS Coordinator, Director of Nurses, CNA Supervisor and Charge Nurse for the local long term care facility.  John has worked for the local Middle School and within the local schools.  JC taught classes within both local school districts and the local college, where he now lives in Northern California.

When in college, JC Worthington self-developed an alternative learning method, The Bubble Method of Learning, allowing John to raise his midterm and finals scores up to the high A's! John has taught his self-created learning method in college, high school and middle school classes.  The Bubble Method of Learning is a holistic, visual, association method of learning, which utilizes both the right and left brain to learn more completely. 'Bubble Learning' allowed JC to retain what was learned more thoroughly; because, the whole topic including all the topic fine details were together understood as one whole idea, then put into John's personal own view in 'Bubble Chart' form!

Additionally in college science and nursing and other classes, John frequently came up with 'the right questions', which at the time were the often misunderstood parts or the actual 'holes' in the current understood scientific knowledge, relating to the physiology of human beings.  JC Worthington has an ability to see the whole picture, including some things others do not; and, herein is wherein truth may arise from! Worthington is known as a self-starter who can find simple and logical solutions to problems, when others can not.

Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough!

Worthington learned and refined much of his writing skills while rushing between patents as a nurse; and, while documenting his patients words, attitudes, expressions, voice tones, and other symptoms exactly. John found the required nursing narrative charting to be invaluable; because, what nurses must chart exactly, is what is then present exactly; and including, documenting exactly all the psychological and mental symptoms and behaviors.  Nurses must show critical thinking during the whole process, resulting in a conclusion of sorts.  A conclusion that is then both truly reflected and actually tested within the treatments, medications, counseling and reporting, which is all then fully written down!  Nurses must see and exactly describe very hard to describe symptoms at times, from the most subtle to the most bold, in clear and understandable language.  

Aquarian Physics exactly describes and defines very hard to describe and define human being realities, from the most subtle to the most bold, in clear and simple to understand words!

But writing what one sees is not all that is required of a nurse!  Nurses must fully understand, enter into, and work within whatever psychotic or delusional outbursts that may occur.  To be truly proficient as a licensed nurse, you must be able to critically observe a whole situation in individual moments as well as over time.  Within this registered nurses must be able to interact well in any situation; and, do this while reaching into the greater depths of all the intricacies of human life, so as to facilitate the healthiest results.  Doctors make diagnosis and write orders; but, it is the licensed nurses who must fully integrate themselves successfully into the whole life of their client-families, ...wherein human life, and the truth of the ALL of life itself, truly lives!

As a writer, JC Worthington fully discovered, researched. wrote and self-published his book, Aquarian Physics, in only around one and a half years. Aquarian Physics at 600 pages is an accomplishment of note, as most of it was written while JC worked, averaging around 70 hours a week between his two nursing jobs.  Aquarian Physics furthers the physics of Einstein, Newton, Buddha and JC.  The chapter "Simple Relativity" clarifies and furthers the scientific understanding of Time, Motion, and Gravity, as well as Mass, Energy and Consciousness, and much, much more!  Simple Relativity also outlines the Postulate Equation T=V=G=M=E=C, or Time equals Motion (Velocity) equals Gravity equals Mass equals Energy equals Consciousness!  According to David R. Hawkins' "Map of Consciousness", John has measurably improved his conscious enlightenment levels more-than an unheard of 800 points, on Hawkins 1 to 1000 scale.  This now present and actively viable and useful conscious enlightenment was achieved by using the self-developed methods of JC's mentor, Dr. Lee Vagt, who holds the key to "The Working Person's Way To Enlightenment".  Hawkins notes most persons raise their conscious numbers around 5 points, out of a 1000 point scale, during their whole life; that is, if they raise their enlightenment levels at all!  JC Worthington actually raised his enlightenment numbers by 600 points while discovering and writing Aquarian Physics, as Aquarian Physics reflects!

This all is pure-truth; and, in-fact Worthington and Aquarian Physics preaches or more accurately scientifically recommends, to not believe a word that John ever writes; that is, until it becomes scientifically measurable pure-truth within the ALL of your life and self.  Aquarian Physics also greatly advances the 'new' empirical science of Muscle Testing For Human Truth-Strength or Manual Muscle Testing.  Manual Muscle Testing can be now on scientifically, peer-verifiably utilized, for achieving the very greatest human FREEDOM, pure-truth, health and strength.  Scientific Manual Muscle Testing, or Holding God's Hand In Return, allows human beings and humanity to recognizing the Maintaining Self natures of the ALL of our universal universe-ALL, which historically has been named to be god and God Almighty!  God Almighty and god and god consciousness is that which is what the 'strength' events of Muscle Testing accurately measures.  Muscle 'weakness' events are then a measure of the Non-Maintaining to Self natures of the everything of Illusion, falsehood, disease and weakness within human reality!  This-day, by recognizing the Illusion that Buddha spoke of, and that Jesus and Muhammad and Moses acted against, and by bringing Illusion into the light of the this-day, The American Dream of The American Way of Liberty and Justice FOR ALL, US-A!!, US-ALL, We The People of humanity ALL can and will now be soon enough achieved on Earth!  Peace On Earth This Year Or Soon Enough!  Along with this and perhaps most importantly as a true Peace On Earth enactment tool, Aquarian Physics explains why Dr. Vagt's 'Lee-Ways' work so very effectively to bring greater human health, including a greatly now possible heightened enlightened conscious human world and health!

Scientific Manual Muscle Testing is easy to learn and use at work and home.  And Scientific Manual Muscle Testing allows oneself to measure what lives as truth-strength-FREEDOM-health, versus what exist as falsehood-weakness-Illusion-disease, within the ALL of human beings and humanity!  Manual Muscle Testing is effectively "The Science of Holding God's Hand In Return"!

JC says: Trust AND Verify; Test Me On It!

JC's Spirit (Holy Ghost) and Heart Releases are both now themselves Released, and available on this Aquarian Physics web site!

Worthington also has a novel about a disabled boy that is two-thirds written. Additionally, John has numerous unpublished works that include poetry, lessons of life and poetic lessons of life!  JC Worthington has developed and taught courses on alternative learning methods, massage, healing and energy focusing techniques, to name a few.  John C. Worthington, RN has lived and worked in rural coastal Northern California for 25 years, and enjoys kayak surfing, bicycling, walking in nature, writing and family.  For more on Aquarian Physics, Manual Muscle Testing, or for a link to the Aquarian Physics e-book site, this very “AquarianPhysics.com” web site is recommended.  JC Worthington, RN is the sole discoverer and writer of Aquarian Physics; and, the sole owner of One Peace Press, which published Aquarian Physics. Worthington's philosophy of writing is to stay engaged within life always; for, life is wherein the truest and best life lessons truly live! 

Accurately Muscle Test It Accurately!
Trust AND Verify!